or Walking in the Woods. Looking for stuff to take pictures of.



Excuse the out of focus, but see there? In the distance, as the river curves and meanders away? FOUR columns of light. This is not exactly what I saw, but those are what the camera picked up. Four Dam-Building Gollochs landing, huge creatures. I didn’t stay around to watch what they got up to- I’ve met them before, and although it was a fun-time, I’ve no wish to repeat the experience. They always travel in groups of four, two to keep watch and two builders. I observed various teams, and the configuration was always the same.


See this also, I find it hard to describe these creatures, they come up the river as darkness descends- I’ve often wondered if they come in off the North Sea, clouds of them bobbing in the wind. How they propel them selves I have no theory. Jelly fish like, translucent and barely real. Creatures from the ither-world obviously. As they go this one is a big one, about the size of a pound stretcher plastic carrier bag.


another exposure, note how it looks like a castle, HOW ENCHANTING.


Just a bit of blurry road. Don’t panic.


That’s all for now. I have other stuff to do.



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