the devil on a skip. SKIPS


I saw an image of the devil on the side of a skip. Currently I’m back into Pallets and newly getting into Skips. I didn’t actually notice the devil until I was editing and looking more closely at the images I’d taken during the day. It’s quite disturbing. I feel it was put there on purpose as a signal. For me. I don’t believe anybody else could see it. SKIPS. Fucking brilliant boxes full of stuff. The metal skip, the glass skip, the general waste skip. SKIPS. I was just starting on the skips, and walking out the road from work I saw a lorry load of blue Pallets, which re-ignited my passion for pallets.

I wonder what would happen if a body was to circle that skip with the devil on it six times anti-clockwise circa midnight. What would happen?

Union Square is a strange place, and over the years I’ve seen a number of things that I found disturbing to say the least. Strange manifestations, gatherings of gulls late at night. Those tine wee birds roosting in the air ducts. The secret lower levels, and the MURIALS. That’s not a typo- I really do mean MURIALS as opposed to Murals.

You may recall if you are a regular reader of this blog, that I have compiled a report on all these occurance fucking weirdy-woo stuff that happens, and it’s available as kindle book, or cross platform file. Simply e-mail me and I’ll send it to you. Unless I suspect you are an agent of the NWO or the Dunce democracy.

Nothing much is happening around here. Work sleep work sleep. Last week of school holidays, so I’m off today and tommorow the morn watching the nippers. Today was chilled to the max min, took a toddle down to see the big machines by the Don (always a favourite top activity with both of them) and it was raining so there were loads of puddles. Great stuff.


and mckenzies GANDALF routine.



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