The fucking rectangular twat

I haven’t used the thing in ages, it was sitting on the bedside table covered in stoor. A right state. The only reason I fired the thing up was to see if that send a file to your Kindle facility still worked for some Open university material that is available in various formats. I already had sorted out sending a digital copy of the coursework to my Xperia tablet but it gives me the stink-eye reading on it, I mainly use it for sketching, watching shite on you tube and tweaking photo’s that I take on my trusty but also dusty Canon proper Camera.

I charged the kindle up, and it went bonkers, constantly loosing content, and restarting. I’d updated it’s software a while ago after I got an e-mail from Amazon warning of a critical update that if I didn’t do would render the Kindle useless.

And, it’s still on a frozen screen.


(death-Kindle-Pic insert here)


OOH. Bit out of focus, more apparent when you see it on a bigger screen. Still, you get the idea I’m sure.


anyhow, I’m going to try and fix the thing, so I’ve started reading loads of helpful blogs and stuff, obviously starting with the official Amazon help-meh page here:

SCREENSHIT insert also for shits and giggles.

Screenshot from 2016-09-22 21:02:41.png

But, I think it needs charging, so I’ll let it sit and feed up a wee while.

Dunno why i’m bothering really, I prefer REAL books. Never really got to grips with using the Kindle. Well, well- I’ll see how I get on.


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