Lost in the Trenches.No resolution to the Ballad as yet. Plus Donside H.Y.D.R.O update.

I’m swotting for Open University, and reading the set exercises ( currently I’m the guts of a week behind, oh the shame of it) I came upon this little description:

The domination of artillery had the effect of splitting fire and movement. The artillery fired, and the infantry then advanced, ideally following close behind a creeping barrage. But the barrage was linear and therefore the infantry too advanced in line. The gunners, deprived of real-time communications with the infantry, lifted their fire to a set timetable. Often this resulted in the artillery leaving the infantry behind. The latter, still in line, were increasingly exposed to the fire of the defense, and particularly to the enfilade fire of machine guns. The tank was one solution to this problem. A mobile gun platform which could accompany the infantry, and also crush wire and cross obstacles, both the British and French armies began its development in 1915. However, despite its successful contribution to the fighting of 1917–18, it was not yet a perfected system, proving mechanically unreliable, with its heavier versions confronting problems with their power-to-weight ratios, and its lighter versions (mostly French) lacking sufficient protection. By 1918 the airplane too could provide close support for advancing infantry.#FOOTNOTE

Interesting read actually this chapter, what sticks in my brain-box- along with the little section I’ve lifted above is that although the popular image of Trench Warfare that continues to haunt the modern mind, say for example Black Adder goes Fourth and Sebastian Faulkes’ Birdsong ( not seen the film, if there is one, I think there is, it’s bound to be wank)  is the fact that not all trenches were similar- the terrain and geology of the Western front made this impossible. It was not uniform, sometimes it was too stony to dig deep enough, in other areas it was too squishy splodgy and Boggy to dig. You dig? They couldn’t dig.

Reminded me a lot of the fighting techniques of renowned smash and grab artist and mission leader of the outriders of the new Roamin’ Empire, a certain Mr. Borkin Gliss and his demented crew. Instead of artillery ( too vulgar if you’ve been skitin’ downhill for a couple of months through deepest space) Borkin’s lot of course used the renowned Jam-Jarr shield. Of this I’m sure you are well aware. It’s established fact.

I often wonder if Borkin Gliss ever did find her, whats her face- his object of desire, the Great White Whale, I’m sure the lads will tell me if i spear at them next time I go back to the mother ship.

  • FOOFNOTE-Reference#Chapter Three. The War Experienced: Command, Strategy, and Tactics, 1914–18
  • Hew Strachan
  • From-
  • A Companion to World War I
  • Edited by: John Horne
    eISBN: 9781405123860
    Print publication date: 2010

Also, further twattery regarding the Donside Hydro contraption, just down the road a bit, ken? past that slightly green on the underside new bridge across the Don. ( I’ve also issued informative word-farts on that structure as well on this blog-fart)

Copy begins: Video links inserted after the fact obv. Code 14: that customer is a twat, do not engage.(but thats for another entry, the subtle and covert antics of the average retail drone)

That Water Powered Contraption

I fear the dark power of the H.Y.D.R.O, and I’ve been keenly monitoring the installation of the mysterious thing. Today I persuaded the grandparents to take the kids down to inspect it after I read some rubbish on fart-bonk  that said the public were now allowed in. Previously it was all fenced off so that you could barely see what was going on. It was slightly infuriating, because it also blocked a really good track for walking on min.

anyway you can get quite close and see the damnable contraption working. It’s dark man, possibly Witchcraft, or worse Engineering.

I haver, it’s pretty cool. H.Y.D.R.O powah!

At no point during the entire excursion did I see any people bearing rolls of Lino. This made me tut to myself. Also It’s Autumn, so it’s nice when the sun shines. I think Autumn is my total fave season, Winter is cool also. This may be something to do with living in Scotland- we don’t really get a summer.

We did the contraption, and then the walkway down to Seaton park. Total killer.

Still think that walkway going over to Seaton Park from Donside Village is just great fun, like a bridge made from decking, given a chance you should have a shotty- two from today- mainly pissing about in the leaves of Autumn, and a walkway one from a wee while back. tres swish.


You can get infested with NITZ from them. Negative little bugs, fearing the first snow of winter which kills the squirmy little bastards nearly dead. Puts them to sleepy peepy for the duration.

Dribble Drible. Isla menaces her granny with a stick.


I’m obviously easily amused.

I’m also pondering a wee shotty at my point of view regarding the whole BBC bias Bill boarding crisis that has rocked YES minded Scotch to the core, but ken, I’m hardly going to be constructive. Lots of echo chambers kicking about currently and in the shadow of the Indyref, but fair fucks if I was ( and have) going to recommend a go to site out of the myriad of chuntering I’d recommend Wings over Scotland. But obviously I don’t really get people that think they are middle class, and essentially those that identify as such are hardly going to swing the sequel. Plus he does references. I like them. Must be my historical mind at work. Opinion Pieces count for ZIP. Looking at you lot Common Space, National Collective. I do read that stuff, just not sure it’s got transferable value. Aye, I’m kind of saying no ones listening. ( TO THOSE KIND OF TWITS)

And yes, I know. It must be infuriating that I post stuff then keep hacking at it and changing it for no reason. But ken, fuck yer’ mum up the bum.

Righters. More WW1. This time folk getting shot for desertion, attempting to get returned to Blighty ( that’s in the Ruk) by getting an arm, leg or Kezia Dugdale ( common parliance for a genital cluster of organs) shot off to ESCAPE THE CARNAGE.


as ever:



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