Bag report


That bag man. What a bag.

Long running report: October Update as indicated.



A while ago my brother gave me a bag for a birthday present, it was a cool little leather bag- kind of like a dinky version of an old fashioned school Satchel. I think I had one of the bigger ones back in the grainy indistinct days circa primary School in Huntly. I remember the smell, the buckles. The quality of the item.

I also remember getting stuck in my Parka Jacket, smashing my head off a wall and coming home one night after school to find bits of the house falling off due to high winds. Not the same day obviously, more of a composite flashback memory.

The new bag lasted quite well, then the buckles started to malfunction, then the strap got all fucked up. It’s right here- semi retired on top of the sewing machine by my desk. I’m of a mind to get it fixed, and did indeed take it into that tailor shop on the George Street ABZ a few weeks ago, but the boy in the shop said it was well outwith his skill set. I just think the guy couldn’t be arsed. Maybe I need to locate an old fashioned saddler ( there used to be one in Huntly- think it’s closed now) I suppose I could get one of those stud/eyelet sets from work but I don’t think we carry anything suitable- mainly eyelets and such.)

Anyway- on to the main event. On the day the wee leather bag DIED I decided I had to act quickly. I work at union square, so I pondered the options. For a while I thought about using my last half hour break to hit TK maxx, but I discarded that option, I needed something non-fashion, something hard wearing and functional. It popped into my head that hitting that outdoor shop, the camping, hill walking place inside the main mall might be a guid shout. I had no idea what I wanted- some sort of robust shoulder bag that could cope with all the stuff I like to carry about, and indeed double up as a useful weekend bag on excursions with the offspring and the like. Roomy, with pockets, and it would have to last.

I decided to hit the outdoor shop, out I battered through the back fire exit of work, carefully jamming the door open with a slab of cardboard from the pile in the cage. I stopped to smoke and steady my nerves at the designated smoking area by the black security barrier to steady my nerves. I pondered, then decided this was the right course of action. Resolute and determined I strode purposefully past the skip and under the yard where the cinema juts out, I took the service corridor ( fantastic short cut) wound through a short corridor, and popped through the fire door and out into the vestibule of the tiolets in union square. Back into public space. (don’t tell anyone about the top-secret back room route)

I battered through the mall, I passed the window of the outdoor gear shop moving towards the front entrance- all I could see rows of the backsides of many, many rucksacks. That worried me. I don’t think rucksacks FEEL right on the twat to work. Not easy to pull together a solid outfit with a rucksack. Too functional.

OSPREY Flap Series. Commute/flap-style

FlapJack Courier Peat Green O/S

OOFT, I’ve just downloaded the manual. Brilliant multi-media experience, with embedded video and extra ORANGE.


So many revelations pocket-compartment wise.



This was fairly on, I was fumbling about trying to get my keys into the inside part of the bag, chuntering away to myself- and as I needed the bag provided- a wee zipped compartment up at the top JUST exactly where you would need it, and just the right size for keys and wallet. AND- it’s double lined for water proofness. SWISH. Brilliant bag.



and many other zippy compartments. Great stuff.



It’s got a fucking manual and everything. Simply scan the Q.R code. Whatever the fuck that is.



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