Ash Vs. Evil dead season two.

Really enjoyed this so far. The first Season, -or as normal people say “series” was really cool. Loads of dark humour, loads of really over the top gore, and a TIGHT PLOT. Anyway, last series I had to pop onto torrents once a week to get each new episode. This time though a big glut of episodes turned up in one go. Five. Really cool. watched them pretty much all in one go. Assholes, shit, haunted cars, possesed cars, gore, more gore, and also LEE MAJORS.

Yes, news to me indeed. I don’t haunt fan sites, the most i did was put a note in my Google calender app for the rough time of the new series, and that was it. I spent the first part of the first show pondering who the fuck is that? It took me ages, scratching my head, RAKING in my mental leaves. The fucking Unknown Stuntman.


After watching the first few, well the first two I ended up you-tubing the show, AFTER i had worked out who the actor playing Ash’s dad was of course. It was some sort of comic-con, fan panel appearance. Christ Bruce Cambell seems like a total fucking egomaniac bell-end in real life. Total dick. Great though, still a fan of his work.


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