Burning my finger: 3d pen.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to find out if the nib of the 3d pen was as hot as a soldering iron. Not quite, but the sizzle was similar. I’m farting about with it as and when. Still can’t get my head round the concept though. You should see some of the cool stuff that folk can make out of it.


I had right bother getting it to work at all.

Firstly I assumed that  it was a re-chargeable gadget. Waited ages to see if it charged, when it didn’t I started reading the instructions. Turns out it’s not, but you can buy some sort of battery pack for it.

I burnt my finger testing if it was working.

Then it worked a bit, and jammed up. Tricky to get into the access panel and clear it out.

Learning curve like.





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