4:07 am


Tell you what it’s WILD out there. It woke me up, the howling wind. Pretty gusty. I got up, then thump.thump.thump. Down comes Mckenzie, hair all bonkers, looking a tad sleepy-walky demanding milk. Then he goes back upstairs but not before putting the hallway light on. It’s like he’s got a sixth sense or something. Thump. THUMP. THUMP. Maybe he can here me typing from upstairs. That would require super sharp hearing. I think he just chances his arm. He’s like the wife. NEEDY.

I’m definitely not going out in that the morn, as well as being windy as fuck, it’s been slightly snowing on one side of the house and it’s fucking freezing.

I’m not a fan of 4:07, maybe I’ll sit here with my coat and hat on and read a book or something. I’ve about three on the go depending on where I am. Traditional old school hardback – The Long Cosmos, last in the Long Earth Series, which I’m thankful for ’cause although theres been some good stuff some of the books have been really ploddy and dare I say it quite dull. I’ve also a pile of stuff on my tablet as well, mainly stuff I’ve downloaded from that project Gutenberg site. Well spazzy, and a tad PDFy.

I just pray that Aberdeen disnae get blown away off into the sea. That would be a disaster.

I’ll maybe stick an amusing picture in here if I can be assed, plenty of time. I won’t be going back to bed I don’t think.

Might have to stick on my thermals even for pottering about inside today.

Fucking letterbox is flapping like mad. Flappy dunt.



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