Despair code

16298370_10155258262665628_762708339421896527_nActually started with a picture on facebook, a kind of iceberg of conspiracy theories, theories that I have a passing interest in.

First thing you find is a short video:


One of the few mentions turned up by a Google search,

After four fucking years /x/ finally managed to acknowledge the despair code. Seriously, what took you so long.

Yeah, don’t try to Google it because you won’t find anything about it. I’m not sure why, probably because its hardcore top-secret shit, its obscure or it simply does not exist.
I first heard about it five years ago from some conspiracy encyclopedia type book I borrowed from the library. Can’t remember the name but the despair code was mentioned in the “far fetched” section and was directly linked to the whole chem trail theory. Another mention that I’ve seen was on deep web and this one was more to the point and open.

Despair code is a theory some guy was blabbering about on some forum. He specified that the “code” refers to a set of numbers used by the military to gas their enemies with chemicals killing any sense of purpose. He stated that reports showcased this gas having a nickname of “Nietzsche Air” because during the experimentation phase of the gas use one of the volunteer described the state of being “pure nihilistic”. Other reports showcased that people who were exposed to the gas were in a heavy depressed state in a matter of seconds, some barely spoke, some sobbed, some even tried to gnaw their wrist.
The gas was allegedly used in the Gulf War, the operation titled “Horizon Blue” or something like that, cant really remember. Allegedly the army convo would release the gas, wait about 10 minutes, enter the camp and start “massacring” their enemies. Some soldiers reported that the feeling was “otherwordly”. The “targets” were either sitting, sobbing, some didn’t even take notice of the incoming USA soldiers, some even asked to be shot.
Apparently the higher command though this method was to unmoral and later experimentations were conducted elsewhere.

Now according to the forum guy the gas is linked to chemtrails. Apparently each plain loaded with the supposed chems has a back compartment dedicated to the “Nietzsche Air” gas.


The guy on the forum showed us some report of another guy explain that the back compartment is never used, however due to gaining control a really small dose is used every half a year for testing purposes. The “code” in the despair code is simply a code to activate the back compartment. The conspiracy going deep into the NWO and other population control themes. The forum guy then later argued that this makes sense how to wipe out some population. Make them depressed, suicidal.


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