More Sketch Revelations.

Hold onto your hat, recently I discovered that you can layer images in sketch, and cut round drawings to make collage type things, and today I discovered that it has a sharing facility. So wow, so much wow. I’m pretty slow on the uptake obviously, I would say look me up and see what doodles I re-post there but I’m not entirely sure how to share where I’ve been sharing the shared pictures.

My handle is Divit Eff, maybe theres more than me using that name, but I think its just me.


I’ll probably loose interest. I’m still mad for that what.three.words app though. Fucking hours of fun for an easily amused gype like me. Also, in other breaking news today I squirted garlic up the back arse of a chicken. Tasty.

I’m not sure if I published this last weekend, this hulking desktop is a bit glitchy and keeps crashing out in a

  1. massive huff.
  2. chuff-huff.
  3. Chafe, chaff and chemical trails.
  4. Fails to bail. Hay bale.
  5. entrails.

RE: back to the mothership…….I won’t bother, it’s a bit difficult to explain.



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