Sorry, that’s an in-joke. work banter. The other day I was swiping through twitter before getting it all together to walk the walk to work ( a solid 45 minutes each way, with all that scenery on the way) and I noticed a twitter twat from the first minister of scotch-land, AKA nippy about an important announcement later on in the day about the old brexit cluster fuck. I imagined it would be a final demand for TMPM covered in grave dust to wise-up and you know, even look like compromising a bit.

As it happened she triggered the starting gun on Indyref2 or as the official central control of SNPHQ would tag it Scotref. I prefer Indyrendum.

Here’s the full video, as watched by the boss at work. In the canteen. And, it has to be mentioned given applause. Clappy clap. She’s a traitor now, among the lunatic fringe. But fuck those guys. Fuck them. A raging rage cage minority, but i respect the right of those fucking people to have lunatic fringe views.

(Inserts link)

Overall the vibe for me is good. I voted SNP, in the slaughter of the labour party that was the Westminster elections and also the Scottish elections and probably in the upcoming local elections if i can get my fuggy brain around the preferential voting system, and it was in the fucking manifesto, so no surprise really, bit earlier than expected for me personally but what the fuck chuff. It had to be kicked off at some point, so it’s fine.

I’m much more focused on sticking little dinky, and quite flag like post-it notes on stuff at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things as events gather momentum. Like shit rolling downhill this thing will get up a fair speed over the next year or so.

Will I get involved? winning people over? yeah probably in face to face discussions. Online I’ll stick to picking the most extreme page or site to comment on, call them cunts, etc. and why not.

It’s tuff being right all the time. whatever you call it, indyref2, Scotref or indeed my preference Indyrendum. I’m reckoning between 60-70 per cent yes vote this time round. the writings been writ on the wall, like the front of the dvd’s of I, Daniel blake.

but yoons will be yoons, howling at the moon.


two polls are running on the you gov petition site. interesting to see just how many anti-democratic lunatics there are in Scotland. Ongoing issue obviously.



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