A slosh of days off.

I’m still tinkering with this obv. refoff. snp bad. howling yoons.

Surprise holiday wallop. pretty good, at the moment my current schedule is four days a week- three quite long days and a slightly shorter day. It’s kind of acceptable. I get three days off a week, and the cherished bonus of a wife/kid/back-up kid free day for doing household tasks and pootering about looking vacant. Sometimes I go for a walk, and forget to take my camera with me. As I often say, pure beasting stuff. So aye I’m off now, and that gives me a few days of free time. Well free-ish time. I’m going to be mainly gardening I reckon, with my headphones on. Crucially I’ll tuck the headphone lead inside my jumper to avoid snipping through the cable. Been there, done that, lesson learned.

the Scottish Parliament finished it all off today after the events of the ither day.

No doubt I’ll be watching or indeed listening with interest as the  Indyrendum  or refoff débâcle unfolds. It’s ratcheting up slowly and surely, and what with today’s passing of the vote to ask that nice TMPM of little Engerland (that green and unpleasant land full of demented racialists etc) for power to hold another dividey divisive vote. last time was all shades of shitstorm fun. I did well though, think only one dopey cunt un-friended me on facebook, mainly I suspect because they were cowed by my powerful arguments and fearsomely convincing rhetoric. Either that or he didn’t like me sharing this particular track, which really summed up the whole indyref debate in my book.


Gardening is also divisive and dangerous. I’ve taken to self harming just for the buzz. It takes the pain of slaving in retail away a little, and brings me some peace of mind in difficult times.



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