where to start min? WAR WAAAR. Engerland is sharting itself to death.

This whole BREXIT thing is getting fucking silly now, WAR with Spain over that rock with the monkeys on it, (that whole thing I thought was some bizarre joke) and blistering JOY from the Engerland on finally taking it’s passports back. JESUS.

On the plus side it reminded me that I need to re-new my Passport as it’s expiring, so prompt wise the screaming of the YOONZ has served some sort of positive productive action in my life.

Silly situation though. Sometimes when you wake up, it’s hard to get a handle on stuff, particularly at the moment. I’m not complaining- it really is a fascinating time to be living through. Sometimes, it’s hard to fathom what people are really, really thinking though. So much static, so much traffic passing metres from each other in opposite lanes.

The silent majority also gives me much cause for thought.

The sheer hubris of ruth davidson playing to the gallery down south.

the pillory of that nice man from the greens

ALSO: remember how this absolute stupidity started: DC and the threat of fucking UKIP. absolute ball bags.

Hitting up hazlehead park for a change.


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