Looking at local election issues.


How time flies . It seems it’s been five years since the last local Elections, and this time round instead of treating the whole circus with hissing contempt, I’m going to do a wee bit of research. I’m at at it right now.

Currently I’ve had ZERO election literature through the letter box, which is disappointing, but maybe our street is little known and hard to find. I’m sure all parties will eventually get round to us. I do so hate to be uninformed

As a starting point I have discovered which ward I’m in, this involved hunting for the polling cards under all the crap, mail, crap, kids creations from nursery and other crap that piles up in the windowsill of the porch.

Screenshot from 2017-04-10 23-18-11

National Front? YALDY! I should crop that a bit, it’s a bit hard to read- Hang fire whilst I fire up GIMP, wait for it to crash, log out, then restart the hulking desktop. ETC.

and UKIP!!!! fucking brilliant! who would have thought they could round up 500 quid between them. But, if they come out as one of the guid guys on that important issue I’ll let the casual racism slide.




Okay, why? well I was reading a blog post and the jist of it was it was far from clear cut what each individual candidate thought about the forthcoming Independence referendum II- ( INDYRENDUM)

So, I’m going to use the newspaper articles I have access to, twitter and facebook, and GOOGLE to see what I can gather. Perhaps I’ll give some sort of preference to the National Front guy if he’s supportive of independence. It’s all about ranking the fuckers.

I’m pretty sure the national front guy is a special like that Peter Dow fanny. But a voice for indy is a voice for indy. Buggers cannae be chuggers.


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