Broadband change over day. 

24th April 2017.

Haha! It went relatively glitch free….. 

I had planned to get up early and plug in the new router, but failed. Stayed up to late finishing Re reading Iain Banks- dead air, which I enjoyed a lot more this time. I slowly came too to the sounds of the wife and kids realising that the bt router had lost service. Now in my head I expected the Vodafone service to maybe start working and drop off throughout the day as mysterious cable engineers worked on the new service or something, but no, plugged in router, my stuff worked immediately as I’d already set up the pass word etc whilst checking out what brilliant flashy lights the new router had in comparison to the old bt one. Likewise all the kids equipment, two tablets and mckenzies android phone. All working fine. Sweet hand over. But let’s just see. The speed seems fine, and mckenzie reported his you tube was working much faster, although ask a kid a leading question get a distorted answer. He’s probably havering shite. 

Still due a final bill from bt, but I assume they will send me that via E mail so I never again have to navigate their appallingly clunky and mis directing website. Also I’ll loose the bt Internet E mail address I hardly ever use. Seems a fair trade like. 

No moaning so far about the speed of the home network from the parasites. But obviously I’ll see how it all works out. 

As ever. 


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