A week of the dog. Woof. 

Hes been here a week. So its all going fairly well. He’s a big lump.

He’s integrated into the Farquhar family unit quite well. The kids can’t get enough of his puppy antics, and happily enough he mostly poops outside, as my research instructed me pre-dog the peeing might take a wee while longer, but it’s not to bad as he’s mainly kicking about in the living room with its chintzy fake wood laminate flooring. Piss pools in the a.m. Amazing. Least puppy urine DISNAE smell quite as bad as the horror show stink of cat Piss.

After a few days he started upgrading his vocal software, moving on from little whimpers to very impressive Barking. I managed to capture this on a video. Barking at a stone. He likes digging and weeding in the garden. Much hilarity.

Does that link work? I’m not sure it’s hard to tell on the tablet. Oh, it does. How fantoosh. Anyhow, he’s had his first lot of jabs from the vet and apparently we have to keep him away from other possibly Un jagged dogs and shit or Piss from said Un inoculated dogs. Disease can be spread via NOSE TO NOSE contact I also learned. Bit of a bummer. At least he can tootered about in the garden though. Which is in a fantastic jungle like state at the moment. A work in progress I feel.


As ever: C.y.l.y.b.o.c


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