New wave of ink. 

I was sorting through a transfer of art stuff from another store and came upon a a six pack of ink. It was already reduced down to a tenner. So I put it aside on the desk, a lay away. It actually went through the till at less than ten quid, then I had staff discount on top of that. I was quite happy with the transaction. 

I’m a big fan of dip pen and ink, I really like the scratchy and splattery quality of the line. It’s pleasing to me. I also have stocked up on just plain black ink so this six pack of exciting new colours was something of a revelation. There’s a nice green, reminds me of alien blood or foliage in a forest. There’s a super blood red. A bright sky blue, and a groovy sepia sort of brown colour. 

To be honest all I’ve used so far is the blood red, its really cool. I hear about folk setting themselves creative goals, you know shit like writing or recording a song a week,  producing a drawing a day, increasing the amount of farting in everyday life. I’ve never been a fan of that pish. I’ve written no new songs for ages, if you discount that international digger day song and a collaboration with another local musician. Seems to me the band thing has died a death with me. I still dig out the guitar but it’s getting a rarer and rarer occurrence. I still get the old battered acoustic guitar out, just because it’s less hassle than plugging in an electric guitar into an amp etc. Oh well. 

I was flicking through some drawings, some half finished some almost there, just looking for possible areas to use some of the new ink colours. 

Doodling is fine but somewhere along the way I’ve stopped telling any sort of story, I was battering away at the Teet Bo concept for a while but it just got bogged down and snarled up in the undergrowth of the woods.

That’s my thoughts today, early in the morning for me. On holiday and havering a lot. 


As per usual



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