Angry old farts. Brexit t


It would seem that some people are fucking mad. Tedious old twats giving that entirely sensible Mr corbyn a hard time over, you know, how he would deal with the ultimate end game. The NO SURRENDER posse were in full effect. The brexit DEAL WITH IT END OF crew need straight yes or no answers to questions, they can’t cope with a fucking complex argument, or a non binary answer. Because of course they are morons.

YES I DID WATCH THE SO CALLED DEBATE BETWEEN CORBYN AND TMT2. And! There was no debate. Really stupid. I bet TMT2 was kept as far away from him as possible, separate back stage areas, no eye contact with TMT2. Like fucking prince or something. Total shit-show.


The world is a smoking ruin. Maybe even PM Corbyn is dead. It all happened to fast. His staff had no time to usher him to the fallout shelter. The chain of command decapitated. He never did give an answer to that question. Did it matter. That guy on question time is dead. Most of the country is dead. Everything is fucked.

Letters of last resort. Unroll the sealed letter. Corbyns socialist wax seal. Break it. They have surfaced. Grey sea. Grey sky. Low visibility. Why? Because of course radio 4 has gone dead.

I did a brexit RACIALISM

I did a brexit clusterfuck.

I blame brexit for this.


I’m all in for finding that essential clip on the you tube. 


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