Insure the DOG.

I have a complex and brilliantly efficient filing system for all my important paperwork (payslips, Council Tax, other shite, mainly shite, just fucking loads of bits of paper, often with post it notes stuck to them, shyte.  ) I just pile it up, move it around, get it mixed up with other stuff of different vintage. It’s absolutely fool proof. I got a post card the other day warning that the temporary pet insurance I’d taken out for the dog was running out in a few days time, so i filed it carefully, then mixed it up with some drawings and moved it somewhere slightly less easy to find.

  • bloody great min.
  • just the usual.

I did eventually find the fucking stupid thing. None the wiser. I scrabbled about for another bit of paper, AHA. I’d written key facts about that, the dogs NAME, that he was a DOG, his weight, and a long reference number. Deeply impressed with myself I launched on to the PETPLAN website and started looking for some way to extend and up date the cover. Eventually after much swearing, I managed to call up a form that would search for details using a reference number and a postcode. The reference number was no use. I had vague recollections of getting a letter, but after more rummaging I couldn’t find that.

Christ this is boring, really boring. Mundane pishe. Not magnolia pishe.



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