Fucking twats.

Good times are being had, all last week, but now it’s getting to that difficult half way stage. A week in, a week to go. I have to admit that by Friday and Saturday I had kind of lost track of the days, in a good way. I’ve been spending most days twatting about with the kids, and for the sake of my memory noting stuff on a Google docs thing, as well as piling on the best of the photo’s onto face book. why not? well fuck it.

Tonight the wife appeared after spending the week at woodside HQ so I’m not able to potter about in the bedroom, with the light on etc, so I’m hogging my mums laptop. she has 60 notifications of face book, I don’t think she really keeps up with that pish. No wonder, it’s mainly pointless rubbish.

I started reading a Wings over Scotland article, and it seemed so far removed from my head space. a tedious spat with those common space twat’s. I managed to get through it but was left with a feeling of deep dis-interest and went back to my digital copy of way station by my old favorite Clifford D ( for dangerous) Simak. With the screen light turned down low and the wi-fi off to conserve precious battery power. lean and mean. you get me steve?

My point is this at the moment: 2015 -ish. stasis. Not guid enough, and we don’t really have an excuse now that Craig is back from the island. Last gig was here-

markedby simply a video, unusual for me to pass comment on here, I wish I had done because I remember very little of the night, apart from negative boring domestic stuff. I seriously can’t for the life of me properly remember who we were supporting, ah yes, I recall- it was the magical expanding line-up gig, growing like a dull ache of cancer of the elbow. It was okay. We are never good in places where it goes beyond playing with a PA and amps, it always sounds so WRONG.

and creativity on band camp also ground to a halt soon after, although i did have a heap of mad keyboard loops cooking up under goat sector on sound cloud but I think I may have deleted them, obviously they are still lurking on an SD card in the Zoomer 8 track but it’s all kind of a mess, half ideas, some interesting stuff but not moving along at any pace.

So I’ve been writing words for songs on my tablet. Loads of them. I decided it was all shite and deleted them. That’s all part of the creative process. I still quite like that international digger driver day song me and Craig collaborated on. Like the angle of that, odd but sensible.

Highlight image of the week so far is this, really chuffed with it. Isla walking in the eerie pre storm light up towards the greens. ( might google map that and see how it’s meant to be spelled, it just looks wrong man)

Inserts image of Isla walking along the sharny sunlit road, Black dog walloping about behind, so black he is a blob, bending light and energy as it hits him, black dog, black hole, a-hole squirting molten fresh dog poop.

Rakes for the edited version:

Oh here it is. Very dark skies indeed. As somebody said on Facebook, “follow the yellow brick Road”………
The second week: some images:

  • Black metal black and white with flash in the woods
  • Loads of really cool skies, there seems to more sky here, and very interesting and cool clouds
  • Bones galore
  • Rain, rain and more rain. 


Sunday. Bit mochy. 

Mochy? Moochy? Its misty and foggy as hell out here. Plus I left the kids jackets at home. Not that it really matters, they hardly ever wear them anyhow, layers come off regardless. Holiday min, what a laugh. Im planning trying to score them some nice light weight jackets from that Harbro country store place in Huntly the morrow, with any luck. If I can be hooped. Its all very relaxed man. Pfft.

Tootered up the bumpy road in the mist in the morning. Low visibilty due to the murky mist. Seen a ewe and two lambs, gone AWOL from somewhere nearby and roaming free in the park. Isla shouted introductions and her and Mckenzie did some waving, but the sheep trio just stared. Stared back hard.


Etc. It will probably get even more exciting later on. Im planning on having a third shite, possibly outside if time permits and after that i might read the daily mail on my tablet.


It did continue on the foggy side, all day!

That’s it like I’m typing away at some other pish just now.



After much fiddling about re-setting passwords and such I’ve managed to set up a twittery-twat-tweet page on the Twitter for my doodles, arty farty stuff. It was a real struggle on my phone, proved more vexing on the big phone, eventually I meant decent progress on the hulking Russian Oligarch Desk top. So, I’ll probably Tweet you Twats occasionally. My other twitter is more used for incoherent abuse, nonsense shit posting and misc. garbage. Free to hit me up on that platform, I probably will follow you or something, like a beast stalking nippers. I jest, obviously- no malice intended. Yet.

me handle thing is @divit_eff

I think. Fuck knows, I might have called it something else.