Sunday. Bit mochy. 

Mochy? Moochy? Its misty and foggy as hell out here. Plus I left the kids jackets at home. Not that it really matters, they hardly ever wear them anyhow, layers come off regardless. Holiday min, what a laugh. Im planning trying to score them some nice light weight jackets from that Harbro country store place in Huntly the morrow, with any luck. If I can be hooped. Its all very relaxed man. Pfft.

Tootered up the bumpy road in the mist in the morning. Low visibilty due to the murky mist. Seen a ewe and two lambs, gone AWOL from somewhere nearby and roaming free in the park. Isla shouted introductions and her and Mckenzie did some waving, but the sheep trio just stared. Stared back hard.


Etc. It will probably get even more exciting later on. Im planning on having a third shite, possibly outside if time permits and after that i might read the daily mail on my tablet.


It did continue on the foggy side, all day!

That’s it like I’m typing away at some other pish just now.



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