Holiday photos. 

HIYAH fucktard! How’s the face aids?


Space rapists. Cock dangle. #RTJ: BAG OF DICKS. 

Gaybow. Not very clear, but it was raining man. Makes it hard to concentrate. Smart clouds though. Big sky round here. Wide-screen sky. Lots of flying creatures, some like dinosaurs. They could be related to the mystical nature of the Glenn. It’s a strange place. It would boil the Piss of a spazzy. 

Evil twisted twiggy tree. Sigh. It’s a bad scene. Twisted stump. Like a big wooden finger, scraping the sky. Are all trees evil? I’m not sure. This one is. Up and over the hill we saw this. THIS ISNAN EDIT OF THE PHOTO. I like to transfer the photos from me canon via a USB adapter to me tablet and then bugger about with them. No computer required thank fuck. Well cloudy computer as well with the Google cloud on the back up. Legit. Will not shoot in raw format, as it’s weasely cheating. 

  • Bastard tree
  • Another version
  • Also slightly edited. 

From the same walk, a ruined old farm house. A ruined old farm house that used to have people living in it. A ruined old farm house where my mother spent part of her childhood. It’s a right state, some cunt let sheep into it at some point. A disgrace.  I blame the SNP for this. I’m a lib dem now by the way. 

Which is ideal: MIDDLE GROUND, AND I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND ABOUT ANYTHING. I’m a wasted voter, and I do and don’t want my brexit. Should have gone to the Turriff show, wullie of Rennie was there, holding court amongsthis mong fans. The pillock. I would have still got a selfie with him though even though I find his politics totally sharny, he’s still a figure of great note and gravy like gravitas in our magnificent scotch parliament. 

Blistering blustery red sky yeah. More sky, great sky. Full of cloaked alien ships. I can see them quite clearly, you can’t because you are a dull bulb. Don’t take it personally.  No offence meant. I’ve been quite keen on shooting in the black and white a bit if it’s dull, then running a chintzy filter on the tablet. They come out quite cool, and I’ve sold a few to local yokels, down in the AZDAZ carport. Fifty buck, loaded image on a shit USB stick. Gather round, get yer witchy woo pictures here. Etc. 

See? Black and white. Shit filter. Dreamy. 

Sheets of rain rolling in. Dastardly Bastard precipitation. Ooft. 

Similar. The Bone collector in silhouette.  He’s always looking for bones. Dark rituals and power rangers. 

Really dig this one. The woods are dark and deep, frosty and smelling of fresh pine Piss. Reductionist radox.

I should tweet run the jewels with this heart warming image. Picture this: I’m a bag of dicks, etc……


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