Twats. Categorised cunts. 

The end of print media

Three videos, that confirm we live in a strange period.

Anyway. re the book cull. I did offload a fair pile of books into the charity bin near that fucking shop. The only ones still requiring a cull are the quite sizeable pile of science fiction book club titles. I bought a big havering job lot of them, and as is usual have quite a few doubles. Duplicate copies. Free to a guid home obviously. Or PayPal me the postage. Massive fan of posting stuff me. Except there’s no longer a handy local post office. I blame the biased unionist media for that obviously.

I seem to have three copies of the drunkards walk by Fred pohl. The iron thorn, that’s a guid one as well. Two copies. Mental.

As I tap away on the big phone writing this they lurk, slightly sorted just down there by the book shelf. The bookshelf with the ooottt light on it. The book shelf with the stuff I really wanted to keep. The guid stuff. The books I’ve read a hell of a lot more than once. Places to return to, places to escape to.


A hell of a lot of Simon, Silverberg, and banks. Steaming tit wank.

NOT SIMON. SIMAK.  All started with the goblin reservation. I think, a birthday present years ago. Good shout present presenter.

Turns out I need to go to the shop for milk. It’s all about scarcity here. I wish the wife would get her arse together and watch culture in decline, or not as the case may be. Should have got one of those dinky tablet compatible keyboards at Tesco yesterday, we all walked there. Quite a guid walk, as it happens. Past the big pipe etc. When we walked back the way Google play Card and bargain boots purchased two teenager types were sitting high on the pipe. MR robot and his G friend. Hacking on high, in the ABZ.  

Brilliant. Isla thought it was funny, but aware it would be dangerous for her to mimic.


The Bell end curve.

Social media is this currently on the subject of Scotland.

It’s deeply arsey, and as much as it’s fun there’s an awful lot of crap on both sides.

Twitter is particularly Cuntish, so I enjoy a lot of that BANTZ.





Decided reasonable



Swithering Gimps











UDI declaring            


Braveheart full             warpaint, SORZE




GERS is the LIES.            












ALSO hates the EU/Royal             Family/







YES. But have well thought out reasons, and some doubts about             available information.


Collision between death of print media/mainstream media/and             alternative media.



Will slosh about between both sides on the most alarmingly             fickle of issues. My cousins dog once got looked at by a YES-head,             well you see…BIZARRE parochial self interest. Pensions, TAX,             etc.            



NO. But have well thought out reasons, and some doubts about             available information.


Collision between death of print media/mainstream media/and             alternative media.



Labour Socialists,             tribal hatred, SNP outers, pet food salesmen, Will have Union jack             and Lest we forget R.I.P In Peace, nostalgia for the good old days             stuff. See also Rangers fans. Grandad was cannon fodder etc.


wants FPTP elections in             Scottish parliament.            



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