I suppose they are wind turbines, but I like them. I’m a big fan of the things, I think they are great structures. Some folk say they are a blight on the landscape, I say fuck those people……

Yes, Windmill Video 11. I shot a LOT of crappy videos man.

Up by Drummuir? Is that how you spell it, I’ll google map it and post a screeny shot if I can be bothered….



Fuck knows, I think it was the Pauls Hill Windfarm, but google maps is a bit out of date on the street view and satellite shots. It looks about in the right place. 



nit cannae find it. it’s right aside Drummuir anyhow. just spent fucking yonks hypnotised by the google maps. and the google street view last captured in 2014, so a lot could have changed!!!!


It looks like the other side of the road where we entered, wind turbines looming like tripods ready to cap you before you make it to the white mountains, and only the one side is under construction on the google street view. yup that looks like the spot. 

I’m back on the old iphone since the sony phone is now totes fucked. Big crack across the screen, absolutely cunted. I’m hoping that when we get back to aberdeen the thing senses that it’s got a suitably fast connection and uploads a bunch of videos I shot in the 4k and that of the kids plootering to google photos. If not oh well. I used the iphone to take some videos of the magical wind turbines today, but the files are too big to try and upload on rural broadband.




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