Back to Aberdeen

Holiday almost over man, sad times. Now work looms like a big shitty shit thing. Sunday. I’ve uploaded a fuck tonne of videos to the you tube, including ones off the broken phone- even though the screen was cracked- it worked with a mouse. Brilliant. Google photos backed them up as a matter of course once it sensed a reasonable internet connection, but I was very impressed with myself as you can imagine. IMG_0466

Compiled a heap of videos into an all over the shop video. SO MUCH WOW. It took ages, even using the online you tube thing, but neat.

No doubt Mckenzie will be offering tips and hints on getting more likes and shares, possibly he disnae realise that most of the videos are unlisted and or private. Pfft.

and the rest of the day was like,


On a whim I took the Laney Twins back from the country, great fun- Both running a separate Nine of Swords Fuzz box, absolutely hours of hideous fun.

Seaton Park with Isla and the dog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The End.






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