Down over the river. oh that, I remember something about that.


It’s not very clear in the picture, but it was scrawled in marker pen, possibly a professional Sharpie- Twitter tags, hashtags, but I’d read before somewhere that particular name and case.

#HollieGrieg #AberdeensShame

And it was probably from here:

Some other choice messages give you a general idea of the tone of the writer-


So, a tree hugging hippy- probably a Green Voter, and probably one of those people who think Wings over Scotland is destroying the Yes movement single handedly by posting well written, concise and well researched blog articles that leave the traditional print media crying and wanking.


Again, my bad photo taking.

Stand Together: Fuck the Government. It’s probably the work of that utter-nutter Peter Dow. ( That’s just my gut feeling at this stage in the investigation)

Anyhow that’s pretty much it for the dog walk tonight. Did see a great big split open wasps nest but exited sharply before the dog noticed it. He was snuffling away when I figured out exactly what the insane angry buzzing was, and exactly why it was coming from around my feet.


Swapped my silver laces into my boots. Much better. The rapey Ropey ones seem to work better in my garish day glo green trainers anyhow.


Inspecting a recently abandoned campfire. Must have been a rare old time.

We were just heading along the cobbles after the bridge, heading for that big open playing field bit, passing the little football pitch aside the old abandoned bowling club when the dog got startled by what sounded like one of those fucking ned-scrambler bikes starting up. as we walked all was revealed, some guy exercising his Dog by letting it try and catch one of those remote control racing car things. really fucking noisy.

VROOOM VROOOMMMMMM. I prefer the traditional amble at evening to be honest, but I guess it takes all sorts, and all sorts pick all different breeds of mutt.

Oh yes. The Bones. Drying out nicely after being bleached. Dumped them on the table in the shed. Think I might paint them, varninsh them, or something and maybe put screws in them for attaching to the stinky witch stick. Ongoing project obviously.


That was the ither day- now spread in the shed table. So much junk in there. So many mowers and signs. Great stuff. IMG_0951

peace you twats. CYLYBOC.





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