Sunday. Bit mochy. 

Mochy? Moochy? Its misty and foggy as hell out here. Plus I left the kids jackets at home. Not that it really matters, they hardly ever wear them anyhow, layers come off regardless. Holiday min, what a laugh. Im planning trying to score them some nice light weight jackets from that Harbro country store place in Huntly the morrow, with any luck. If I can be hooped. Its all very relaxed man. Pfft. 

Tootered up the bumpy road in the mist in the morning. Low visibilty due to the murky mist. Seen a ewe and two lambs, gone AWOL from somewhere nearby and roaming free in the park. Isla shouted introductions and her and Mckenzie did some waving, but the sheep trio just stared. Stared back hard. 


Etc. It will probably get even more exciting later on. Im planning on having a third shite, possibly outside if time permits and after that i might read the daily mail on my tablet. 


It did continue on the foggy side, all day!

That’s it like I’m typing away at some other pish just now. 



After much fiddling about re-setting passwords and such I’ve managed to set up a twittery-twat-tweet page on the Twitter for my doodles, arty farty stuff. It was a real struggle on my phone, proved more vexing on the big phone, eventually I meant decent progress on the hulking Russian Oligarch Desk top. So, I’ll probably Tweet you Twats occasionally. My other twitter is more used for incoherent abuse, nonsense shit posting and misc. garbage. Free to hit me up on that platform, I probably will follow you or something, like a beast stalking nippers. I jest, obviously- no malice intended. Yet.

me handle thing is @divit_eff

I think. Fuck knows, I might have called it something else.



Insure the DOG.

I have a complex and brilliantly efficient filing system for all my important paperwork (payslips, Council Tax, other shite, mainly shite, just fucking loads of bits of paper, often with post it notes stuck to them, shyte.  ) I just pile it up, move it around, get it mixed up with other stuff of different vintage. It’s absolutely fool proof. I got a post card the other day warning that the temporary pet insurance I’d taken out for the dog was running out in a few days time, so i filed it carefully, then mixed it up with some drawings and moved it somewhere slightly less easy to find.

  • bloody great min.
  • just the usual.

I did eventually find the fucking stupid thing. None the wiser. I scrabbled about for another bit of paper, AHA. I’d written key facts about that, the dogs NAME, that he was a DOG, his weight, and a long reference number. Deeply impressed with myself I launched on to the PETPLAN website and started looking for some way to extend and up date the cover. Eventually after much swearing, I managed to call up a form that would search for details using a reference number and a postcode. The reference number was no use. I had vague recollections of getting a letter, but after more rummaging I couldn’t find that.

Christ this is boring, really boring. Mundane pishe. Not magnolia pishe.


Sunday. Snuffies pool. 

We went for a walk along the river. Headed for snuffies pool. Who was snuffie?  I have no idea!! It was guid to get out of the house. It was getting a bit pressure cooker ish. We followed the river up to the pool, passing a few dog walking types. Top banter. We saw some tadpoles at the pool as well. Unexpected for me, i suppose im just used to seeing them on little bits of boggy and soggy ground. Its a wonder the frog spawn didnt wash away, even though that bit is relatively calm. Oh well. You live and learn. Was tempted to take them home in a jam jar and feed them up on chunks of corned beef like when i was a nipper. I dont think that kind of thing is encouraged nowadays. 

New wave of ink. 

I was sorting through a transfer of art stuff from another store and came upon a a six pack of ink. It was already reduced down to a tenner. So I put it aside on the desk, a lay away. It actually went through the till at less than ten quid, then I had staff discount on top of that. I was quite happy with the transaction. 

I’m a big fan of dip pen and ink, I really like the scratchy and splattery quality of the line. It’s pleasing to me. I also have stocked up on just plain black ink so this six pack of exciting new colours was something of a revelation. There’s a nice green, reminds me of alien blood or foliage in a forest. There’s a super blood red. A bright sky blue, and a groovy sepia sort of brown colour. 

To be honest all I’ve used so far is the blood red, its really cool. I hear about folk setting themselves creative goals, you know shit like writing or recording a song a week,  producing a drawing a day, increasing the amount of farting in everyday life. I’ve never been a fan of that pish. I’ve written no new songs for ages, if you discount that international digger day song and a collaboration with another local musician. Seems to me the band thing has died a death with me. I still dig out the guitar but it’s getting a rarer and rarer occurrence. I still get the old battered acoustic guitar out, just because it’s less hassle than plugging in an electric guitar into an amp etc. Oh well. 

I was flicking through some drawings, some half finished some almost there, just looking for possible areas to use some of the new ink colours. 

Doodling is fine but somewhere along the way I’ve stopped telling any sort of story, I was battering away at the Teet Bo concept for a while but it just got bogged down and snarled up in the undergrowth of the woods.

That’s my thoughts today, early in the morning for me. On holiday and havering a lot. 


As per usual


A week of the dog. Woof. 

Hes been here a week. So its all going fairly well. He’s a big lump.

He’s integrated into the Farquhar family unit quite well. The kids can’t get enough of his puppy antics, and happily enough he mostly poops outside, as my research instructed me pre-dog the peeing might take a wee while longer, but it’s not to bad as he’s mainly kicking about in the living room with its chintzy fake wood laminate flooring. Piss pools in the a.m. Amazing. Least puppy urine DISNAE smell quite as bad as the horror show stink of cat Piss.

After a few days he started upgrading his vocal software, moving on from little whimpers to very impressive Barking. I managed to capture this on a video. Barking at a stone. He likes digging and weeding in the garden. Much hilarity.

Does that link work? I’m not sure it’s hard to tell on the tablet. Oh, it does. How fantoosh. Anyhow, he’s had his first lot of jabs from the vet and apparently we have to keep him away from other possibly Un jagged dogs and shit or Piss from said Un inoculated dogs. Disease can be spread via NOSE TO NOSE contact I also learned. Bit of a bummer. At least he can tootered about in the garden though. Which is in a fantastic jungle like state at the moment. A work in progress I feel.


As ever: C.y.l.y.b.o.c