Here I stick details of books I’m hunting, and other stuff.

Karl Dietrich Bracher : The Age of Ideologies: A History of Political thought in the 20th Century ISBN:0312012292. Mentioned in the further reading section at the back of Mazower’s Dark Continent, I think I may have read a little of this at University- it really wasn’t a subject that interested me that much at the time- but nowadays it does. Also mentioned was a book I remember reading before but totally forgot all about- Eric Hobsbawn’s Age of Extremes. Might manage to get a cheap copy of that. The Bracher book must be quite rare, or out of print- even reliable places like Alibris only seem to have a few copies, and even a paperback edition will set me back the guts of a tenner. Bit steep for me at the moment.

Gladio? Sounds like the subject of gardner’s question time on Radio Four right? Not so!


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