sixty seven.
a close up. Juddering
the skull conjures: all Daves must attend

I like to draw, I’ll re-phrase that, In a former life I used to like to draw. I don’t get much done nowadays- maybe when I retire at the ripe old age of 80 I’ll pick it up again…..I made a few kind of graphic novel ideas, some good, some bad- a bit of a labour of hate. Yeah well.

Cowboy Blues

Cowboy Blues

six titted whore

The six-titted whore of Market Street Aberdeen.
This is drawn from memory, I encountered the Hoor while doing some Anthropological field work back in 1997. I had a notepad, pens, knives and a polaroid camera.

Look at this cunt, what a cunty cunt. He works at Comet- and is also a bit rapey. I wouldnae trust him near livestock either.


pan dimensional shit-wa
Missy and Woody
page 42. A jaundiced vamp
Cat Baubles:
the first idea came as a cartoon/drawing
Fashion pose- but the rapist lurks

2 thoughts on “Drawings

    • I found that the other week, clearing out some old drawings etc from college- it’s kind of falling to bits now- I suppose I should scan it or something…

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