wpid-img_20150405_094219.jpg wpid-dsc_0297.jpg wpid-img_20150405_094130.jpg

wpid-img_20150416_185129.jpgMutilation. Ink and spare Model paint. Just a sketchy doodle.

wpid-img_20150416_185312.jpgSissy. Drawn from memory.

wpid-img_20150416_185335.jpgSome sort of hooded gadgey. Not finished? I might add to it, maybe a face, I might leave it as is in the real world and doodle on top of it with my graphics tablet in GIMP.

wpid-dsc_0410.jpgNo idea, but I got fair stuck in with the REDPAINT on this one. Heaps of it.

wpid-img_20150416_184431.jpgBug headed beastie, and some chick. I think I did two versions of this- one of them wouldn’t upload properly, oh well FF’SMIN. (fair-fucks-min)

I tried again……It is same-ish.



wpid-img_20150416_185503.jpgUnknown Monk, Teal tint: untinted below-


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