MAY 2015. more doodles.

isla in forest

I’m on Holiday for a week,


so I’ve got some extra time. I dug out the Quink (spelling) Ink and started scratching into it with bleach.


I have no idea where I got the Quink from, it possibly dates back to Aberdeen college, maybe even further back. Mixed results, mixed media.

wpid-dsc_0577.jpgEmpire of dog-shit. Dog-shit, or dog dirt is everywhere around here. I like to collect it, and by simply setting it within a block of perspex I make wonderful craft items that I sell on e-bay. Do you see how those dogshitey ear rings glisten in the light. Sparkly dogshit. I make many items, paper weights, kitchen work tops ( very smeary and VERY expensive) Laptop and phone covers. I even made a dogshit Guitar Amp cover for a bellend with a broken amp in Aberdeen. Hissy-Hissy-fit. Covered in dog shit. wpid-dsc_0576.jpgA bigger version of the Empire of Dog Shit. I’m not sure what I’m trying to get across with this image. It’s A4 in size, on high quality archive paper stock purloined from the roundabout in the childrens playpark up the road. I suppose it would be possible to smear it with a light layer of dog shit, or perhaps laminate it for posterity. So, perhaps I SHALL. Hmm. wpid-img_20150510_202002.jpgA GREAT BIG FACE. A GREAT BIG CHIN. Where’s the face been. In the bin. It fell of a robber called Robert. As well as breaking into shops to steal items, Robert ( so he says) composes flash fiction on his iphone, much to the amusements of his crimey chums. He’s a twathammer- and not in a good way. Mixed media on A4. Not for sale. wpid-dsc_0573.jpgWHAT AN IDIOT! I got the fucking month wrong. That’s not really that hard for me- every week blends into another. Indeed an Empire of Dog Shit. I’ll just leave it as is, will add to the confusion and incoherence of the new ring binder. Flicking through it in years to come I will no doubt curse my slackness. Dipshit. wpid-img_20150510_202124.jpgA HOODED figure. I never did get round to putting a face on it, but why bother- It adds to the mystery and general DARKNESS of the work. Bit of bleach work on this as well. Nice. THE smell of it though. wpid-dsc_0569.jpg

Distortion SKULL BOX. A recurring theme for me. MORE BLEACHwpid-img_20150510_202034.jpgbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbigface.

hiyah cunts


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