2016 doodles DIVITEFFDRAWS

most of my doodling this year has been on the mega-tablet. I’m kind of running short of storage space on this blog, since it’s been on the go for a few years or so. I dump most of my doodles on the Facebook page now. It’s just more handy, ken?


It’s quite disorganized, mainly because I’m uploading from various devices- It’s pretty easy on a laptop or indeed HULKING DESKTOP  to move pictures around so they are in Albums, but on a phone or tablet that isn’t supported. Well, it wasn’t when I started this year. This desktop is so old and clunky that it can’t work facefart properly, because the browser is so out of date it’s a relic. Oh well.


Gift-Card concept for the enthusiastic amateur photographer.


I was of a mind to organize all the TEET BO stuff, so all the ideas were in the same place, but then the notion passed and I went and had a very satisfying outside shite instead.

I did join that Etsy site (or whatever its fucking called) but it was a bit twatty- I forgot my password and kept banging my head off the corners of the site. Not for me obviously.