Twenty Twelve

I made two drawings on here last year. There are three on the page labelled 2011- but one was a cheat….Ho-hum……and these two below were never finished….Maybe the dip-pen fury will return this year….I have amassed a lot of backing boards from work to paint on as well so you never know min…

The Store Manager at my work left recently, for pastures new and many fresh challenges. It was decided that each member of staff should fill a little 12″X12″ scrapbook page to fill a big album. I tried my best, but didn’t get round to much.

This one is called “Big Dave Attacks”- the Dave in question is the regional manager- he disnae look like this really- he’s a humanoid, and as a rule we don’t react to his visits with semi-automatic weaponry.


Another picture for the album. G’s pile of totes. I’ll let you make up your own mind about this image.


Strange blobs. Artifacts. I like these, they look like flowery seed pod type things.

Teet bo. The ancient rural art form. It’s a bit like a martial art although it’s far more deadly. Yeah?





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