Kindle downloads

After many ages have passed, I’ve added another one.

It’s on this blog- so just search for it man.

I’m going to make it free on Amazon if I can remember how to do that, I’m quite chuffed that this time I managed to add a table of contents that seems to have worked. I mean, it seems to work on the Kindle preview thing on Amazon, and it works on my Kindle. That’s hardly conclusive of anything though. I’m really liking how quickly Calibre can smash out file conversions from my cack-handed open-office key bashings. It’s slow going man, I slowly getting there with that Splatter-core-Defective-detective core story.

I’m just lazy I suppose.




Download some nonsense written by me, read it on your word plank, Kindle or I-Plank. Secksy.

Yer A Lang Time Deed.

Here’s the only review that this shit story has gathered on Amazon- TWO STARS! I’m hitting the big league now man:

As the product description says, this may be the future Aberdeen, an alternate universe Aberdeen, or not.
Aberdeen is not my favourite town in the U.K. but i did not let that influence me. My mind was an open book.

I found the sci-fi mechanics of the story interesting, but the characters were very flat.
The fact it was written in Scottish dialect didn't bother me either.

By the time I reached the very disappointing end i was glad to have finished, and deleted it from my Kindle & whispernet file.

This was my first go at making a book thing for Kindle, It worked out okay. I managed to do all the formating etc. I would urge you not to bother paying for this, I’m going to upload a bigger collection later on with this one included. It’s free every 90 days or so. I’m calling this a first edition so there.

The Rum Puckle

Coming soon, after the tidy up and a bit of a tweak. Contains the short-ish story mentioned above. Currently I’m managing not to get this done by fucking about trying to get chapter titles/sections to link up with the relevant short stories. Job done, this will take me all fucking year!


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