A Strange shift.

HAHA. found it on here.

I’ve been doing some recording, since finishing JIZZ CRATE with Craig, and that track on LWA’s release i got to thinking I never really finished that SIDCA recording, SOARZ ALBUMEN, I did bugger about with it a lot, even sent Craig some wav’s of it to mix, he did a good job on them and they are lurking as JAM on the sharted jeggings website bandcamp. But, I only really narrowed down what recordings were kinda okay and never really finished them. Excuses being that I couldn’t get time to set up and play guitar. That was ages ago. The other day it occurred to me I was just always recording in the past, and doing a lot of sifting. The only song or version of a song I liked 100 pre-sets on the beta version of SOARZ ALBUMEN was Never in the History of Gunfire. So loaded it onto the zoomer and accidentally added extra stuff, some vox and fuzzy guitar. I also might have a usuable/shorter version of Pallets/tit’s/nationalism. I’m still tinkering, but erm, headphones and DI guitar sounds good now. Change of guitar, the Blacktop Jazzmaster is gone, long gone, and the plinky plonky cheap strat sounds really grand. back to where I started from really. If I really used my time wisely I’d get up hella early and have a slab or an hour or son after walking the dog to do guitar stuff, well, on the days I do a 12 till eight shift anyhow.

Soarze Albumen beta is coming down soon, so grab it in this form if you can be arsed. Bye Bye BETA version. I was raking through my ring binders and I might re-use/redux some artwork for it as well, see how it goes obviously.

In other news, I took my proper Camera out again this weekend for general Kid/Dog caperage, including some quality scootering action shots.

No trolls under this bridge, one day some boy dug out a fusty old fire extinguisher from down under it. Looked like an ancient encrusted petrified snot. A blob of rusty fusty. Gadz.
Shit sepia. it wasn’t a very good photo to begin with, so not sure vintage-ing it helps. Anyway, a vicious old hook. I did not throw it away simply picked it up, looked at it, farted then put it back on the wall where I found it.
In the morning today I sorted out the ruined and totally fucked brushes and binned the one’s that were beyond hope. Kept these, they seem to be okay. Trimmed the tips of a few of them to save them, totally rock solid with acrylic pint. Pintin’ min. Rare.
Buggering about with Tree photo’s in the Sketch application on my tablet. Like the stained glass vibe.


On the Saturday me, Isla and the dog walked up do the walled garden. got a lift back. they had been shopping.
Time travelling dog. Here he is at the battle of the SOMME.
The ice house is probably UNDER that building. or under those shipping containers out of shot.
This was the area I was mentioning earlier. Great vibe for a performance video. Two shooters. HD. Lighting rig and a tramp-pauline.


Adds some pictures from the Google photo’s. Dark brooding vibes down by the Don. There’s a bit like a tree enclosed courtyard with crumbling walls that would make a really grand video location. You know, a legit performance video by a rock band. Tree’s and farts. Flashing lights and Alien anuses. Bastards.



Collage: Glue Everywhere Collage: bits of story everywhere.

Fantastic chem-trails this morning on the dog walk, the sun was blazing and it put me in a right good mood, declared it nice enough out to wear my trainers to walk the walk to work. They are garish and please me a lot.


but that aside,

I’ve been trying to reduce down some of my doodles, so that I’m not just randomly filling ring binders with everything I do, just the stuff that works. it’s easily done, some stuff just works straight off- other stuff I overwork.  Generally It’s pretty obvious, but taking pictures of the pictures helps me decide, Important stuff like should I just leave it as is or should I write some gibberish on scrap bits of paper and stick them on, or fit. Sketch is cool as well for trying out variations of colour, as is a photo editor on the phone/tablet/desktop. Good for trying out ideas about colours etc.


These two seemed to come out best, particularly like the sickly yallah church on the splattery red and yellow background: I think that ones pretty much finished. The other one I liked, also liked the little sun thing, so I’ll keep tinkering nae doubt. I’ve rakes of Gold failures to cut up as well. Maybe I should get some pinkin’ shears for extra jaggedy edge glamour.

I was also using the Collage technique when editing a story or two as well, writing down extra ideas and corrections, then taking a photo of it, cropping it and dumping it into the current revision in the google docs. I ken, messy- and a Tad William Burroughs. Its getting there though. the whole story arc. ABZ the strange alt-future or some shite like that. It must be good, I’ve right good taste in fiction and some of the bits of it are okay- even I think they are nae that bad.

Screenshot from 2018-03-20 21-38-32.png

See? Messy, but without getting PVA glue all over my dainty didgits, trousers, face, the table and in my EYEZ.

CYLYBOC: No swearing hardly at all in this post.

I’m on two releases man. Totally FANTOOSH

Fucking mental like. Hopefully I’ll get a phone call or e-mail to work on the next Calvin Horse radish or that Ginger Hobbit’s next record. I’d settle for presenting a compilation of my farts on Northsound one, or Two or similar pish.

I was dicking about with the radio in the kitchen today, and it was fairly early- but it looked like radio neep NECR was on DAB. I’ll have to check, it seems quite far fetched.

JIZZ CRATE is done and out, and I also appear on L.W.A’s Frontiers as well. Quite chuffed. Both are available on the bandcamp, and both are pretty cool. Inserts link, or indeed might embed them if this hulking old desktop disnae crash under the sheer weight of Ubuntu. Click click. Got a download code to Frontiers as well, really like it. The boy singing on the last song is a bit of a weird cunt like, but that’s nae the best track.




also the entire Sidca back log is lurking on bandcamp as well. Bandcamp. BANDCAMP. saw on twitter the record label 12XU taking the piss out of MRR about the hegemony of online platforms, like BC and the more evil ones like eye-tunes etc. what pish. they do take a teeny cut like, but it’s not like they lend you 30 grand to make a recording then take the lions share and or bankrupt you. not that I would know, i’ve moved smoothly from shiny but shit CD-r’s to digital download without making any cash. Inverted Skullz is the mother fucking cash-cow.

I’m also, as it happens tinkering away on some shite demo’s most of which got supercharged and became JIZZ CRATE, but ideas are forming, mainly around places in Aberdeen. probably not much to follow. I’m constantly typing shite into google doc’s on my phone as it’s handy, but also using guid old fashioned bits of paper, which I then can’t find, and when I do find have been severely annotated by the small humans that live here. Isla draws scary faces, the loon writes tat. Which he says, is about trump being a twat. brilliant. Which reminds me to by a can of Lynxx. It should remove isla’s sharpie pen scribbles from the PVC frames in the vestibule. I’ll obviously blog seperately about that issue.


not finished like, just nipping out for a shite.

Tracking nearly done.

There’s one song to finish. So I just geared myself up for a major trauma, or as we say in the Scotch-land, a bit of a chav to get a simple stereo wav. onto the Zoom R16 box of death. Not so this time. Managed it in one go.

I spoke too soon. I was well pleased with myself there. Took the stereo wav. down from google drive. Copied MONO-000.WAV or whatever, so the fucking Zoomer didn’t reject it like an implanted orgen, well it was MASTER-000.WAV ACTUALLY. aND IT PLAYED. bUT i COULDNT RECORD ON ANY OF THE OTHER TRACKS. I’M SURE IVE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE COUNTLESS TIMES.

anyhow, split the stereo into two mono files in audacity. exported them separately, again sticking to the zoomer’s specific track naming legend. MONO-000.WAV and MONO-001.WAV. opened the project. pressed the project button and moved to file. then assigned each mono track to tracks one and two on the zoomer. hard panned left and right for stereo.

that fucking worked.


Fucks sake this is boring.

And that’s it done. The last track to get finished was spikey sea, all I had to do was stick some horrendous guitar on it. Which I managed easily and Craig tidied up the appalling mess quick smart. I’d say it was a nae bovs type situation.

The tapes up for pre-order at bandcamp just now. Creating quite a buzz it is as well. lots of positive feedback. NON LOCAL TUNAGE……









Fucking stupid Zoomer box, it’s better than the shitty usb soundcard though its utter wank.

after making some stupid guitar noises on spikey sea I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to top the sheer guitar pyrotechnics of the other version.

Tod Hill. Devil’s Den. Lost in Map-Land

I was lost in maps tonight.

The National archives of Scotland have a really cool map tool. You jist fire in the area you are interested in and you can bring up various maps through time. I was idly flicking through the old maps fascinated by the sheer amount of water power around here. I also discovered that the strange troll bridge up by the little park actually went over a canal which came all the way into Aberdeen following the railway. Well the railway replaced the canal. Strange stuff you learn. Anyhow i discovered the name of the hill me Isla and the dog are so fond of. Tod hill. And around it i think where were walking about it today is devils den. I suppose I would have gleaned this all a lot quicker if id used the OS maps instead of google maps. Och well. Fun stuff. Screenshot from 2018-01-14 01-33-41

See? I found a couple of old maps like this. I’m fucked if I can work out where exactly that Devil’s Den bit is though. As far as I’m concerned its a deep hole with some sort of burn running through it, but that’s just what I associate the word with.

“Far you going min?”

Awa for a saunter up the den. Obviously.


I’ve no idea. No clues on these old maps. Bleachfield house? No idea……

I was very surprised our shit oven didn’t make them explode or some other type of disaster. Also, I burnt my dainty little fingers a few times. Bonny though.

Also: baked me pinted glasses, decided to try one out- one of the shit ones I’m holding onto for personal use. Seemed pretty cool. It survived the wash as well. Quite chuffed- although the outliner paint is really fiddly to work with. 20180112_180849.jpg

S A L O M O N : well bangin’.

Pretty chuffed with these booty shoe type things. SALOMON min. Zips, snappers and Laces. Fucking CRAZY shit. They are dead comfy when you get used to them, and sometimes I zip them up, sometimes I leave them un-zipped. Great grip and actually waterproof. Really guid for skittering about with dog and kids yeah.

Shit blurry photo of the top of the teeny Tod hill.

Atop TOD hill. Totally neat little hill.


Gathering ideas old and new.

I’m slowly gathering ideas for an audio bundle: scribbling, recording snippets on my phone, and the other day for the first time in ages I fired up the Zoomer contraption and mic’s for some twatting about. Loops min, I’m starting to see the loop pedal as useful rather than a gadget for making long jams. Anyway- I’ve uploaded two roughs onto band camp so far- and will probably add some others as and when-


But something like this-