A slosh of days off.

I’m still tinkering with this obv. refoff. snp bad. howling yoons.

Surprise holiday wallop. pretty good, at the moment my current schedule is four days a week- three quite long days and a slightly shorter day. It’s kind of acceptable. I get three days off a week, and the cherished bonus of a wife/kid/back-up kid free day for doing household tasks and pootering about looking vacant. Sometimes I go for a walk, and forget to take my camera with me. As I often say, pure beasting stuff. So aye I’m off now, and that gives me a few days of free time. Well free-ish time. I’m going to be mainly gardening I reckon, with my headphones on. Crucially I’ll tuck the headphone lead inside my jumper to avoid snipping through the cable. Been there, done that, lesson learned.

the Scottish Parliament finished it all off today after the events of the ither day.

No doubt I’ll be watching or indeed listening with interest as the  Indyrendum  or refoff débâcle unfolds. It’s ratcheting up slowly and surely, and what with today’s passing of the vote to ask that nice TMPM of little Engerland (that green and unpleasant land full of demented racialists etc) for power to hold another dividey divisive vote. last time was all shades of shitstorm fun. I did well though, think only one dopey cunt un-friended me on facebook, mainly I suspect because they were cowed by my powerful arguments and fearsomely convincing rhetoric. Either that or he didn’t like me sharing this particular track, which really summed up the whole indyref debate in my book.


Gardening is also divisive and dangerous. I’ve taken to self harming just for the buzz. It takes the pain of slaving in retail away a little, and brings me some peace of mind in difficult times.




Sorry, that’s an in-joke. work banter. The other day I was swiping through twitter before getting it all together to walk the walk to work ( a solid 45 minutes each way, with all that scenery on the way) and I noticed a twitter twat from the first minister of scotch-land, AKA nippy about an important announcement later on in the day about the old brexit cluster fuck. I imagined it would be a final demand for TMPM covered in grave dust to wise-up and you know, even look like compromising a bit.

As it happened she triggered the starting gun on Indyref2 or as the official central control of SNPHQ would tag it Scotref. I prefer Indyrendum.

Here’s the full video, as watched by the boss at work. In the canteen. And, it has to be mentioned given applause. Clappy clap. She’s a traitor now, among the lunatic fringe. But fuck those guys. Fuck them. A raging rage cage minority, but i respect the right of those fucking people to have lunatic fringe views.

(Inserts link)

Overall the vibe for me is good. I voted SNP, in the slaughter of the labour party that was the Westminster elections and also the Scottish elections and probably in the upcoming local elections if i can get my fuggy brain around the preferential voting system, and it was in the fucking manifesto, so no surprise really, bit earlier than expected for me personally but what the fuck chuff. It had to be kicked off at some point, so it’s fine.

I’m much more focused on sticking little dinky, and quite flag like post-it notes on stuff at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things as events gather momentum. Like shit rolling downhill this thing will get up a fair speed over the next year or so.

Will I get involved? winning people over? yeah probably in face to face discussions. Online I’ll stick to picking the most extreme page or site to comment on, call them cunts, etc. and why not.

It’s tuff being right all the time. whatever you call it, indyref2, Scotref or indeed my preference Indyrendum. I’m reckoning between 60-70 per cent yes vote this time round. the writings been writ on the wall, like the front of the dvd’s of I, Daniel blake.

but yoons will be yoons, howling at the moon.


two polls are running on the you gov petition site. interesting to see just how many anti-democratic lunatics there are in Scotland. Ongoing issue obviously.


More Sketch Revelations.

Hold onto your hat, recently I discovered that you can layer images in sketch, and cut round drawings to make collage type things, and today I discovered that it has a sharing facility. So wow, so much wow. I’m pretty slow on the uptake obviously, I would say look me up and see what doodles I re-post there but I’m not entirely sure how to share where I’ve been sharing the shared pictures.

My handle is Divit Eff, maybe theres more than me using that name, but I think its just me.


I’ll probably loose interest. I’m still mad for that what.three.words app though. Fucking hours of fun for an easily amused gype like me. Also, in other breaking news today I squirted garlic up the back arse of a chicken. Tasty.

I’m not sure if I published this last weekend, this hulking desktop is a bit glitchy and keeps crashing out in a

  1. massive huff.
  2. chuff-huff.
  3. Chafe, chaff and chemical trails.
  4. Fails to bail. Hay bale.
  5. entrails.

RE: back to the mothership…….I won’t bother, it’s a bit difficult to explain.


Despair code

16298370_10155258262665628_762708339421896527_nActually started with a picture on facebook, a kind of iceberg of conspiracy theories, theories that I have a passing interest in.

First thing you find is a short video:

From: https://yuki.la/x/17537901

One of the few mentions turned up by a Google search,

After four fucking years /x/ finally managed to acknowledge the despair code. Seriously, what took you so long.

Yeah, don’t try to Google it because you won’t find anything about it. I’m not sure why, probably because its hardcore top-secret shit, its obscure or it simply does not exist.
I first heard about it five years ago from some conspiracy encyclopedia type book I borrowed from the library. Can’t remember the name but the despair code was mentioned in the “far fetched” section and was directly linked to the whole chem trail theory. Another mention that I’ve seen was on deep web and this one was more to the point and open.

Despair code is a theory some guy was blabbering about on some forum. He specified that the “code” refers to a set of numbers used by the military to gas their enemies with chemicals killing any sense of purpose. He stated that reports showcased this gas having a nickname of “Nietzsche Air” because during the experimentation phase of the gas use one of the volunteer described the state of being “pure nihilistic”. Other reports showcased that people who were exposed to the gas were in a heavy depressed state in a matter of seconds, some barely spoke, some sobbed, some even tried to gnaw their wrist.
The gas was allegedly used in the Gulf War, the operation titled “Horizon Blue” or something like that, cant really remember. Allegedly the army convo would release the gas, wait about 10 minutes, enter the camp and start “massacring” their enemies. Some soldiers reported that the feeling was “otherwordly”. The “targets” were either sitting, sobbing, some didn’t even take notice of the incoming USA soldiers, some even asked to be shot.
Apparently the higher command though this method was to unmoral and later experimentations were conducted elsewhere.

Now according to the forum guy the gas is linked to chemtrails. Apparently each plain loaded with the supposed chems has a back compartment dedicated to the “Nietzsche Air” gas.


The guy on the forum showed us some report of another guy explain that the back compartment is never used, however due to gaining control a really small dose is used every half a year for testing purposes. The “code” in the despair code is simply a code to activate the back compartment. The conspiracy going deep into the NWO and other population control themes. The forum guy then later argued that this makes sense how to wipe out some population. Make them depressed, suicidal.

4:07 am


Tell you what it’s WILD out there. It woke me up, the howling wind. Pretty gusty. I got up, then thump.thump.thump. Down comes Mckenzie, hair all bonkers, looking a tad sleepy-walky demanding milk. Then he goes back upstairs but not before putting the hallway light on. It’s like he’s got a sixth sense or something. Thump. THUMP. THUMP. Maybe he can here me typing from upstairs. That would require super sharp hearing. I think he just chances his arm. He’s like the wife. NEEDY.

I’m definitely not going out in that the morn, as well as being windy as fuck, it’s been slightly snowing on one side of the house and it’s fucking freezing.

I’m not a fan of 4:07, maybe I’ll sit here with my coat and hat on and read a book or something. I’ve about three on the go depending on where I am. Traditional old school hardback – The Long Cosmos, last in the Long Earth Series, which I’m thankful for ’cause although theres been some good stuff some of the books have been really ploddy and dare I say it quite dull. I’ve also a pile of stuff on my tablet as well, mainly stuff I’ve downloaded from that project Gutenberg site. Well spazzy, and a tad PDFy.

I just pray that Aberdeen disnae get blown away off into the sea. That would be a disaster.

I’ll maybe stick an amusing picture in here if I can be assed, plenty of time. I won’t be going back to bed I don’t think.

Might have to stick on my thermals even for pottering about inside today.

Fucking letterbox is flapping like mad. Flappy dunt.