Down over the river. oh that, I remember something about that.


It’s not very clear in the picture, but it was scrawled in marker pen, possibly a professional Sharpie- Twitter tags, hashtags, but I’d read before somewhere that particular name and case.

#HollieGrieg #AberdeensShame

And it was probably from here:

Some other choice messages give you a general idea of the tone of the writer-


So, a tree hugging hippy- probably a Green Voter, and probably one of those people who think Wings over Scotland is destroying the Yes movement single handedly by posting well written, concise and well researched blog articles that leave the traditional print media crying and wanking.


Again, my bad photo taking.

Stand Together: Fuck the Government. It’s probably the work of that utter-nutter Peter Dow. ( That’s just my gut feeling at this stage in the investigation)

Anyhow that’s pretty much it for the dog walk tonight. Did see a great big split open wasps nest but exited sharply before the dog noticed it. He was snuffling away when I figured out exactly what the insane angry buzzing was, and exactly why it was coming from around my feet.


Swapped my silver laces into my boots. Much better. The rapey Ropey ones seem to work better in my garish day glo green trainers anyhow.


Inspecting a recently abandoned campfire. Must have been a rare old time.

We were just heading along the cobbles after the bridge, heading for that big open playing field bit, passing the little football pitch aside the old abandoned bowling club when the dog got startled by what sounded like one of those fucking ned-scrambler bikes starting up. as we walked all was revealed, some guy exercising his Dog by letting it try and catch one of those remote control racing car things. really fucking noisy.

VROOOM VROOOMMMMMM. I prefer the traditional amble at evening to be honest, but I guess it takes all sorts, and all sorts pick all different breeds of mutt.

Oh yes. The Bones. Drying out nicely after being bleached. Dumped them on the table in the shed. Think I might paint them, varninsh them, or something and maybe put screws in them for attaching to the stinky witch stick. Ongoing project obviously.


That was the ither day- now spread in the shed table. So much junk in there. So many mowers and signs. Great stuff. IMG_0951

peace you twats. CYLYBOC.




Back to Aberdeen

Holiday almost over man, sad times. Now work looms like a big shitty shit thing. Sunday. I’ve uploaded a fuck tonne of videos to the you tube, including ones off the broken phone- even though the screen was cracked- it worked with a mouse. Brilliant. Google photos backed them up as a matter of course once it sensed a reasonable internet connection, but I was very impressed with myself as you can imagine. IMG_0466

Compiled a heap of videos into an all over the shop video. SO MUCH WOW. It took ages, even using the online you tube thing, but neat.

No doubt Mckenzie will be offering tips and hints on getting more likes and shares, possibly he disnae realise that most of the videos are unlisted and or private. Pfft.

and the rest of the day was like,


On a whim I took the Laney Twins back from the country, great fun- Both running a separate Nine of Swords Fuzz box, absolutely hours of hideous fun.

Seaton Park with Isla and the dog:

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The End.






I suppose they are wind turbines, but I like them. I’m a big fan of the things, I think they are great structures. Some folk say they are a blight on the landscape, I say fuck those people……

Yes, Windmill Video 11. I shot a LOT of crappy videos man.

Up by Drummuir? Is that how you spell it, I’ll google map it and post a screeny shot if I can be bothered….



Fuck knows, I think it was the Pauls Hill Windfarm, but google maps is a bit out of date on the street view and satellite shots. It looks about in the right place. 



nit cannae find it. it’s right aside Drummuir anyhow. just spent fucking yonks hypnotised by the google maps. and the google street view last captured in 2014, so a lot could have changed!!!!


It looks like the other side of the road where we entered, wind turbines looming like tripods ready to cap you before you make it to the white mountains, and only the one side is under construction on the google street view. yup that looks like the spot. 

I’m back on the old iphone since the sony phone is now totes fucked. Big crack across the screen, absolutely cunted. I’m hoping that when we get back to aberdeen the thing senses that it’s got a suitably fast connection and uploads a bunch of videos I shot in the 4k and that of the kids plootering to google photos. If not oh well. I used the iphone to take some videos of the magical wind turbines today, but the files are too big to try and upload on rural broadband.



Holiday photos. 

HIYAH fucktard! How’s the face aids?


Space rapists. Cock dangle. #RTJ: BAG OF DICKS. 

Gaybow. Not very clear, but it was raining man. Makes it hard to concentrate. Smart clouds though. Big sky round here. Wide-screen sky. Lots of flying creatures, some like dinosaurs. They could be related to the mystical nature of the Glenn. It’s a strange place. It would boil the Piss of a spazzy. 

Evil twisted twiggy tree. Sigh. It’s a bad scene. Twisted stump. Like a big wooden finger, scraping the sky. Are all trees evil? I’m not sure. This one is. Up and over the hill we saw this. THIS ISNAN EDIT OF THE PHOTO. I like to transfer the photos from me canon via a USB adapter to me tablet and then bugger about with them. No computer required thank fuck. Well cloudy computer as well with the Google cloud on the back up. Legit. Will not shoot in raw format, as it’s weasely cheating. 

  • Bastard tree
  • Another version
  • Also slightly edited. 

From the same walk, a ruined old farm house. A ruined old farm house that used to have people living in it. A ruined old farm house where my mother spent part of her childhood. It’s a right state, some cunt let sheep into it at some point. A disgrace.  I blame the SNP for this. I’m a lib dem now by the way. 

Which is ideal: MIDDLE GROUND, AND I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND ABOUT ANYTHING. I’m a wasted voter, and I do and don’t want my brexit. Should have gone to the Turriff show, wullie of Rennie was there, holding court amongsthis mong fans. The pillock. I would have still got a selfie with him though even though I find his politics totally sharny, he’s still a figure of great note and gravy like gravitas in our magnificent scotch parliament. 

Blistering blustery red sky yeah. More sky, great sky. Full of cloaked alien ships. I can see them quite clearly, you can’t because you are a dull bulb. Don’t take it personally.  No offence meant. I’ve been quite keen on shooting in the black and white a bit if it’s dull, then running a chintzy filter on the tablet. They come out quite cool, and I’ve sold a few to local yokels, down in the AZDAZ carport. Fifty buck, loaded image on a shit USB stick. Gather round, get yer witchy woo pictures here. Etc. 

See? Black and white. Shit filter. Dreamy. 

Sheets of rain rolling in. Dastardly Bastard precipitation. Ooft. 

Similar. The Bone collector in silhouette.  He’s always looking for bones. Dark rituals and power rangers. 

Really dig this one. The woods are dark and deep, frosty and smelling of fresh pine Piss. Reductionist radox.

I should tweet run the jewels with this heart warming image. Picture this: I’m a bag of dicks, etc……

Twats. Categorised cunts. 

The end of print media

Three videos, that confirm we live in a strange period.

Anyway. re the book cull. I did offload a fair pile of books into the charity bin near that fucking shop. The only ones still requiring a cull are the quite sizeable pile of science fiction book club titles. I bought a big havering job lot of them, and as is usual have quite a few doubles. Duplicate copies. Free to a guid home obviously. Or PayPal me the postage. Massive fan of posting stuff me. Except there’s no longer a handy local post office. I blame the biased unionist media for that obviously.

I seem to have three copies of the drunkards walk by Fred pohl. The iron thorn, that’s a guid one as well. Two copies. Mental.

As I tap away on the big phone writing this they lurk, slightly sorted just down there by the book shelf. The bookshelf with the ooottt light on it. The book shelf with the stuff I really wanted to keep. The guid stuff. The books I’ve read a hell of a lot more than once. Places to return to, places to escape to.


A hell of a lot of Simon, Silverberg, and banks. Steaming tit wank.

NOT SIMON. SIMAK.  All started with the goblin reservation. I think, a birthday present years ago. Good shout present presenter.

Turns out I need to go to the shop for milk. It’s all about scarcity here. I wish the wife would get her arse together and watch culture in decline, or not as the case may be. Should have got one of those dinky tablet compatible keyboards at Tesco yesterday, we all walked there. Quite a guid walk, as it happens. Past the big pipe etc. When we walked back the way Google play Card and bargain boots purchased two teenager types were sitting high on the pipe. MR robot and his G friend. Hacking on high, in the ABZ.  

Brilliant. Isla thought it was funny, but aware it would be dangerous for her to mimic.


The Bell end curve.

Social media is this currently on the subject of Scotland.

It’s deeply arsey, and as much as it’s fun there’s an awful lot of crap on both sides.

Twitter is particularly Cuntish, so I enjoy a lot of that BANTZ.





Decided reasonable



Swithering Gimps











UDI declaring            


Braveheart full             warpaint, SORZE




GERS is the LIES.            












ALSO hates the EU/Royal             Family/







YES. But have well thought out reasons, and some doubts about             available information.


Collision between death of print media/mainstream media/and             alternative media.



Will slosh about between both sides on the most alarmingly             fickle of issues. My cousins dog once got looked at by a YES-head,             well you see…BIZARRE parochial self interest. Pensions, TAX,             etc.            



NO. But have well thought out reasons, and some doubts about             available information.


Collision between death of print media/mainstream media/and             alternative media.



Labour Socialists,             tribal hatred, SNP outers, pet food salesmen, Will have Union jack             and Lest we forget R.I.P In Peace, nostalgia for the good old days             stuff. See also Rangers fans. Grandad was cannon fodder etc.


wants FPTP elections in             Scottish parliament.