Strange Rumblings RE the Brexit Clusterfuck.

Honestly, I know the internet has become a validation chamber but sometimes, I wonder what people actually think, or indeed want. Very odd stuff today. On the day the Government finally offered a legit choice between shooting yerself in the head or foot- and forgot to add an option of emptying the gun and chucking it up Theresa mays snatch we get this from the extremist Global britain, Brexit means Brexit mob. Really bizzare.

I’ve been diligently comparing two pages on facebook- Leave EU and Scientists for EU, as you would imagine one is rational and deep thinking, the other fairly high on the mentalist scale. But even for that high bar a posting the other day really made me scratch my head.

I’m havering over whether I should just post the screen shots or just describe/transcribe what was said. Essentially it was all about money- which is so fucking vulgar. But, apparently we- BRITAIN land , don’t need to settle and obligations as we leave the EU because Europe owes us a debt for WINNING THE SECOND WORLD WAR AND THE FIRST ONE AS WELL.



Fuck Nose min.




Not A Soul About. The woods by the river.

I’ve got into the habit, rather stupidly of walking the dog later. later than you think. When it’s proper dark. Down by the river and all about we range. I like it a lot, mainly because there’s no other cunt kicking about. It’s a tuff gig Aberdeen, mostly there are people about. i hate people. I wish they would just sidle away and fuck off. So the dark walk is great. I think the dog is into it as well, he likes being lit up- the rules are different, as long as he comes back I’m cool with him going far as he likes. No river swimming just now though min, it’s too cold.


So aye, nae bad, dog with LED collar, me with the phone torch. But mostly I just leave it off, swan in the dark.

nae cunt about. Great.

Avoided thrift shop doubles.

A close call today. Finished circa lunchtime and went to my fave thrifty shop. perused an ancient copy of a book about martin Luther ( so old it was priced as two and six pence on the cover, real modern price about 8.99 so gave it a swerve) decided I wasnae that hooped, plus I still have books on Calvin and Luther kicking about the house.Diet of WORMS, and the whole indulgences thing. I was a bit bored. last time I was there I doubled up on a copy of a book I already had, and a close call today on a copy of Civilisation the west and the rest, which I was buggered if I could remember if I had in paperback or something. Thankfully I didnae bother, went to Captain Toms and bought some acoustic guitar strings instead. Good price, and they sound NICE. I hate re-stringing though, it’s absolutely fraught with dangerous danger, what if the little peg thing flies out? what if the string snaps and cuts one of yer eye balls right in the eye ball. Nippy as fuck. it went okay though. No disasters. still nae got any guid new songs though. just snippets of stupid pish. Such as-

Isla Isla. Go and put some leggings on/or yer arse will fall off/ you cannae go to skool with nae arse/ stops…..shouting at daughter fighting with dog.



another OTT light. ottlight.

I scored yet another Ottlight. Kind of the successor to those daylight lamps. I’m a big fan of them. I now have three. Pretty guid. Great for drawing, or just great for having a blaze of light in the room. I bought the other two- with staff discount, which is nice- this latest one was getting binned. It’s got a cracked magnifying glass, but since I’ll never use that, it’s still amazingly good as a….light.


Amazing, I’m sure you dig it. Quite space-ship-ish.  And below the other two GUYS. GUYZ.



Fired up the Scanner, it’s all going well, even if the thing is a bit- OLD. It works okay. I’m cross platforming like a tit. SCAN, dump on google pictures from the hulking desktop. Download on the tablet for tinkering. nae bad. I’m still a massive fan of the brutal bucket fill tool- which is so much quicker in Sketch on the tablet._20171104_175310.jpg

Dubbed archiving. A lot of this years stuff I’ve drawn has been pretty pish to be fair, backgrounds, trees, just big textural slabs of brush strokes. BUT, that’s the brilliant thing about keeping a sketch book- you can flick through, even venture back into older folders and make decisions. Much indeed like flicking through old music recordings. It’s the filter man, how much is your filter unusual. sketch-1509885472570.jpgas mentioned before, I pollute FB, and also the twitter as well. But sadly- no narrative now, or none that I’ve been able to put together.@divit_eff on twatter. and just search for divit eff on FB. It’s all gashist though.

Wife and kids fucked off to the shops today, returning with an xbox play gamebox and a hideous doll but me and the blackdog ranged a bit- right up to the walled garden and all over the shop.


Super Boots: Super Dooper.

Bit of a glut of new boots round my house, as is my new tradition about once a year I have wee look around the Dr Martens site, scour through the reduced clearance stuff. It has to be around half price, or at least a decent discount. Last year ( and they have lasted well, apart from a wee hole in the upper, which was mainly my fault for wading through the burn down the road from Glenburn) I got a nice green pair, they took a real toll on my feet as I gradualy broke the biggers in, but man did they look great mate. This time I got these Inkblot boots, they kinda look like cow, but I really like them, leather is much softer this time- so no painful blisters as I wore them- either that or my feet are getting used to the D.M’s- which apart from my garish green trainers is all I wear now.  They have held up well compared to hill walking boots, so are well worth the price tag min. PRICE TAGZ.


Both kids have their birthdays quite close together so I was kind of half threatening them with a pair each. So I made it so. Pink boots for Isla, and a smashing sort of grey silver dimpled effect for Mckenzie. Both kids pairs look just like proper mini DM’s with the addition of a brilliant little zip on the side. Both kids well chuffed with them.

Also I’ve been VAPING. and RAPING on the Vape. I was planning on going totally vapey, but decided to stop actually torturing myself- so I’ve cut down a lot on the roll ups, but still have a few, I think it’s the habit and ritual of rolling a smoke I find so NICE.