the ither night. bbc qt doodles

Thursdays are pretty guid cross platform entertainment wise. It’s grand. tablet, phone, desktop and sometimes but not a lot the TV. I kinda stopped watching TV a long time ago. Sometimes I chromecast silly stuff whilst bathing Isla just to fuck with whatever human click bait mckenzie is streaming. I tend to always watch FMQ’s for the sheer stupid doltishness of the opposition parties and Sturgeons patience turning to barely contained exasperation. then it’s bbcqt and this week with pube hair, postie, and whatever other gits they round up.

Sometimes I shut off and treat it as radio and doodle. This week I did that. and rather than podiums, dimbleby and whatever gimps were there I transitioned this from my brain box to paper via dip pen and ink. Fuck KNOWS min.

bbc qt doodle 19-04-18

Oh well, you can’t argue with that. I did about four of them, all with that central figure. The girl or guy with the space suit on. Guid for a change yeah? Looking forward to colouring them in on the digital platform or in the real realm who can tell.

It’s a tuff gig.


the state of my edits.

This is still on the Kindle site. it’s actually two ideas for stories. I quite like them, but mostly other people didn’t. I’ve acres of this stuff. Craig has been feeling out the idea of basing an album on another story, that’s also half finished- The Lo-tone, or The LOW-TONE. It’s a bit of a kirn, and disnae really go anywhere then stops. I’m currently pretending to edit it by scribbling over a print out and drawing cocks on it.

No, I really am. That’s what I’m doing now after finally stopping vomiting and skittering. I’m blaming that on my enthusiasm for the reduced to clear section at my local mini- Tesco up the road. Dodgy cheese, and I think a slightly fusty salad with rank peppers. I should have just stuck to the fresh eggs and RTC Bread. It seems fine. It was either that or I didn’t wash my hands properly while cleaning up the massive amount of dog shit in our garden.


Somewhere in amongst all this stuff is some sort of SAGA that’s all interconnected.

show yer working

and that’s just a few of them.

Inserts Bloody Seagull sign off. Then can’t find it- uses Glitter shitter image instead.


Also, rather than mistaking stars for angel wings, I just mistook a garden tool for a canary. I think I’m dehydrated.

BYE BYE EDF: part two.

first move was the 27th of march.

It’s now Sunday, the 8th of April. I knew at some point I would need to take a reading from the meters, but by fuck could I find the bloody little plastic key for the gas box outside. Anyway turns out it was in one of the cluttered to fuck drawers in the kitchen. and, the day I found it a guy comes round to read both meters. Happily he stood on a dod of cat shit reading the electricity meter in the house, and after a slightly irritating conversation about where I would get a replacement key (Screwfix obv) I managed to jot down the gas reading afore he waddled gout like up the road. Then I found the key where I’d looked a heap of times before.


I submitted a reading for both today, and because the app is so cool I also included a photo for each. I think now I’m off to cancel the EDF direct debit, but might hang fire in case they need it to send me any money they owe me, as I’m pretty sure I’m paying over the odds.

I’m moving to this lot.



It’s non profit apparently, and unlike other gas/electric companies there is a tenner membership charge. Not figured out if this is included in the charge they said I’d pay, but I’ll find out. Also whats cool is they make allowances for warmer and colder periods of the year- the usual is, wow you seem to be in credit, we’ll keep your money but lower your direct debit, which just means it goes up again when the weather gets colder. Anyhow. Seems to be going fine so far. Away to imput the same readings into the EDF web interface so that all three tally up.

It certainly seems cheaper, even with variables the whole lot is much cheaper with Pure Planet. Afore with EDF I was chucking out circa 180 buck a month. Starts at circa 120 buck for this lot. but, aye, I’ll see how it works out.



Ken fit like, as ever:

OH: this just popped into my GEE_MALE inboxer: TAH_DAH! more good news.

the best bit so far, I noticed that my payment was coming out around the twelfth. I’d already been charged for EDF. e-mailed them explaining and they got back with this. neatly moving the direct debit to after pay day. GREAT BUNCH OF LADZ.


A Strange shift.

HAHA. found it on here.

I’ve been doing some recording, since finishing JIZZ CRATE with Craig, and that track on LWA’s release i got to thinking I never really finished that SIDCA recording, SOARZ ALBUMEN, I did bugger about with it a lot, even sent Craig some wav’s of it to mix, he did a good job on them and they are lurking as JAM on the sharted jeggings website bandcamp. But, I only really narrowed down what recordings were kinda okay and never really finished them. Excuses being that I couldn’t get time to set up and play guitar. That was ages ago. The other day it occurred to me I was just always recording in the past, and doing a lot of sifting. The only song or version of a song I liked 100 pre-sets on the beta version of SOARZ ALBUMEN was Never in the History of Gunfire. So loaded it onto the zoomer and accidentally added extra stuff, some vox and fuzzy guitar. I also might have a usuable/shorter version of Pallets/tit’s/nationalism. I’m still tinkering, but erm, headphones and DI guitar sounds good now. Change of guitar, the Blacktop Jazzmaster is gone, long gone, and the plinky plonky cheap strat sounds really grand. back to where I started from really. If I really used my time wisely I’d get up hella early and have a slab or an hour or son after walking the dog to do guitar stuff, well, on the days I do a 12 till eight shift anyhow.

Soarze Albumen beta is coming down soon, so grab it in this form if you can be arsed. Bye Bye BETA version. I was raking through my ring binders and I might re-use/redux some artwork for it as well, see how it goes obviously.

In other news, I took my proper Camera out again this weekend for general Kid/Dog caperage, including some quality scootering action shots.

No trolls under this bridge, one day some boy dug out a fusty old fire extinguisher from down under it. Looked like an ancient encrusted petrified snot. A blob of rusty fusty. Gadz.
Shit sepia. it wasn’t a very good photo to begin with, so not sure vintage-ing it helps. Anyway, a vicious old hook. I did not throw it away simply picked it up, looked at it, farted then put it back on the wall where I found it.
In the morning today I sorted out the ruined and totally fucked brushes and binned the one’s that were beyond hope. Kept these, they seem to be okay. Trimmed the tips of a few of them to save them, totally rock solid with acrylic pint. Pintin’ min. Rare.
Buggering about with Tree photo’s in the Sketch application on my tablet. Like the stained glass vibe.


On the Saturday me, Isla and the dog walked up do the walled garden. got a lift back. they had been shopping.
Time travelling dog. Here he is at the battle of the SOMME.
The ice house is probably UNDER that building. or under those shipping containers out of shot.
This was the area I was mentioning earlier. Great vibe for a performance video. Two shooters. HD. Lighting rig and a tramp-pauline.


Adds some pictures from the Google photo’s. Dark brooding vibes down by the Don. There’s a bit like a tree enclosed courtyard with crumbling walls that would make a really grand video location. You know, a legit performance video by a rock band. Tree’s and farts. Flashing lights and Alien anuses. Bastards.