Note to self:LOOK for the ICEHOUSE

Out with the dog the other day, as per usual. We were down by the power station, well heading back towards it, and I’d never really noticed the mound before. I mean once you clock it, it’s really hard to ignore it. I was going to take a photo to remind me to google it but the dog was being a pain, and I forgot. I found it on the Google street view though. Didn’t really expect it to be on there like, it really disnae go anywhere that road.

I wonder if it’s some ancient burial mound, or a big pile of rubbish or something.

also, I didn’t really find out much about that mound, it’s probably just a natural feature or earth piled up when they were making the nearby power station, or something mundane.

I did ramble across this though, and loads of other stuff about the dark origins of the mysterious metal relics just down by the river…

Screenshot from 2017-12-01 20-24-05

NJ90NW 657 c. 923 093

Ice house: a small building built into a mound on the bank or terrace of the River Don near Grandholm Works and at an altitude of about 22m OD. It saw only a short period of use, being owned by ‘The County Club’ between 1718 and 1876.

The outer doorway is Gothic in style and behind it there is a short passage-way leading into the circular main chamber which measures 9ft (2.7m) in diameter. The masonry of the walls is solid and neat, and the concave roof is mainly of brick. The original doors are missing and there is no sign of the summerhouse that is recorded as having surmounted the building.

(Periodical reference cited).

NMRS, MS/712/83.

This building cannot be located from the available map evidence.

Information from RCAHMS (RJCM), 27 July 1999.



Goat Sector.

Craig’s creative energy has fair inspired me.

THIS IS THE OUTPUT: Brilliant stuff: ( He’s bundled it all as a tres swish bandcamp LP bundle)


I was rummaging through all the stuff recorded on the Zoom box and discovered the last time I recorded stuff was ages ago. Last thing I dumped on Bandcamp was circa 2015. I really need to get back into the habit of having an appetite for recording. Done bits and bobs lately, but I’m doodle dip pen mad- made this pish- but that’s about it.  I’ve done a heap of voice recordings, which is great fun, but not really had time for anything else.

So I’m switching some older stuff from soundcloud to bandycamp. both platforms are whack. So currently I’m deep in goat sector. I can see you, you filthy maggots. Disgusting squirming human beasts.


anyhow- there’s stuff going up slowly on bandcamp-

and there’s a drive folder here.

Strange Rumblings RE the Brexit Clusterfuck.

Honestly, I know the internet has become a validation chamber but sometimes, I wonder what people actually think, or indeed want. Very odd stuff today. On the day the Government finally offered a legit choice between shooting yerself in the head or foot- and forgot to add an option of emptying the gun and chucking it up Theresa mays snatch we get this from the extremist Global britain, Brexit means Brexit mob. Really bizzare.

I’ve been diligently comparing two pages on facebook- Leave EU and Scientists for EU, as you would imagine one is rational and deep thinking, the other fairly high on the mentalist scale. But even for that high bar a posting the other day really made me scratch my head.

I’m havering over whether I should just post the screen shots or just describe/transcribe what was said. Essentially it was all about money- which is so fucking vulgar. But, apparently we- BRITAIN land , don’t need to settle and obligations as we leave the EU because Europe owes us a debt for WINNING THE SECOND WORLD WAR AND THE FIRST ONE AS WELL.



Fuck Nose min.



Not A Soul About. The woods by the river.

I’ve got into the habit, rather stupidly of walking the dog later. later than you think. When it’s proper dark. Down by the river and all about we range. I like it a lot, mainly because there’s no other cunt kicking about. It’s a tuff gig Aberdeen, mostly there are people about. i hate people. I wish they would just sidle away and fuck off. So the dark walk is great. I think the dog is into it as well, he likes being lit up- the rules are different, as long as he comes back I’m cool with him going far as he likes. No river swimming just now though min, it’s too cold.


So aye, nae bad, dog with LED collar, me with the phone torch. But mostly I just leave it off, swan in the dark.

nae cunt about. Great.

Avoided thrift shop doubles.

A close call today. Finished circa lunchtime and went to my fave thrifty shop. perused an ancient copy of a book about martin Luther ( so old it was priced as two and six pence on the cover, real modern price about 8.99 so gave it a swerve) decided I wasnae that hooped, plus I still have books on Calvin and Luther kicking about the house.Diet of WORMS, and the whole indulgences thing. I was a bit bored. last time I was there I doubled up on a copy of a book I already had, and a close call today on a copy of Civilisation the west and the rest, which I was buggered if I could remember if I had in paperback or something. Thankfully I didnae bother, went to Captain Toms and bought some acoustic guitar strings instead. Good price, and they sound NICE. I hate re-stringing though, it’s absolutely fraught with dangerous danger, what if the little peg thing flies out? what if the string snaps and cuts one of yer eye balls right in the eye ball. Nippy as fuck. it went okay though. No disasters. still nae got any guid new songs though. just snippets of stupid pish. Such as-

Isla Isla. Go and put some leggings on/or yer arse will fall off/ you cannae go to skool with nae arse/ stops…..shouting at daughter fighting with dog.



another OTT light. ottlight.

I scored yet another Ottlight. Kind of the successor to those daylight lamps. I’m a big fan of them. I now have three. Pretty guid. Great for drawing, or just great for having a blaze of light in the room. I bought the other two- with staff discount, which is nice- this latest one was getting binned. It’s got a cracked magnifying glass, but since I’ll never use that, it’s still amazingly good as a….light.


Amazing, I’m sure you dig it. Quite space-ship-ish.  And below the other two GUYS. GUYZ.