At a loose end.

Sod’s law innit, I had some stuff to do today but nothing major. It’s rare that I get any time by myself nowadays, but I’m on Holiday just now and on Thursday and Friday the wife goes to work and the kids go to nursery. I’m kind of bored now though. I’ve been pissing about, giving some music my attention- mainly two tracks by local noise/space-rock merchants Callahan (spelling?) which I snooped on facebook, Mogwai-core is nae really my scene- but the two tracks have a tune man. Also I’ve been spinning the last Spire by Cathedral a lot, just love its sheer cathedral-ness.


I’ve done the dishes, put out some rubbish and wandered about talking to myself in a bizarre BIZNUSS voice. I had a wee tinker with my 8 track, but concluded that my new song writing tool should be pen and paper, and stop fucking about with distortion pedals. Time is in short supply, so an acoustic and pen and paper yields actual results.


last night on Facebook was pretty funny- a war of words on Aberdeen music dot cock spun out into the real world. Storm in a teacup really, but it made me think how I view stuff like that, I suppose it’s an age thing but I consider the internet not to be real life, so it’s never bothered me if people slag me either on places like AMDC or even during a heated debate on FB. I’m probably wrong though, or just old. I remember dial up, joining a forum had no connection to reality. Oh well

I keep tinkering with a few song ideas, crowds of hipsters is pretty much there- I even managed a wee run through last time me and Darren jammed, so it’s getting there.

This is what I should have done today: bashed the keys, far more productive than dicking about with guitars and that.

The other two songs are just ideas, one called GGCGTF I recorded before, but I’ve got to grips with it now I think.

Third song is like Oasis, and is about walking home from work along George Street and feeling that people can’t see you, or can see you but want to walk three abreast and run you off the pavement. All I have is a cack handed chord sequence and an opening line.


I should just forget about it really but I keep tinkering away.

I’ve been for three poops today. It’s amazing what you can achieve with no kids in the house.




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